Tuesday's Dump & Chase: The Waiting Game

BREAKING: There's pretty much nothing going on right now. The men's team doesn't play until Thursday, but the women's team plays Canada tomorrow morning. Should be a fun one...

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators' playoff chances depend on healthy Pekka Rinne | The Tennessean

This was certainly true in October, but I'm keeping my expectations set to Low with only 23 games left. How many of those does he play? Ten?

Pond hockey in Nashville? Imagine playing on the Cumberland… - Section 303

Better wear a life jacket just in case.

The [Redacted] Week in Review with Obscene Alex: Toilet Gunk Edition | III Communication

I'd forgotten the Blackhawks still wear the [poop hat]. Their fans wear it forever.

Cheering In The Olympics…You’re Doing It Wrong | Penalty Box Radio

I'm hoping Shea Weber is a horrible failure in Sochi. The cheering will resume at the end of the month.

The Underrated All Stars | Admirals Roundtable

Milwaukee edition.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey


The Preds are ranked.

Men's 2014 Sochi Olympics hockey tournament breakdown - SI.com

Their predictions are waaaaaaay off, but whatever. It's a free country.

Backes on Miracle on Ice: ‘We’re still living on something that happened 34 years ago’ | ProHockeyTalk

Yeah, turn the page already, America.

Five reasons Norway could totally medal in Sochi Olympics | Puck Daddy

The Bronze is totally up for grabs.

Winnipeg Jets: Could Their Hot Streak End With Olympic Break?-The Hockey Writers

No, what's going to get them is the coaching change. That never works.

Struggling Canucks welcome Olympic break - Sportsnet.ca

Plus, it gives Canucks fans a chance to stock up on gasoline and bricks.

The 5 Funniest Hockey Tweets of the Week: Olympic Break Edition - Battle of California

For Preds fans, a particularly timely #1.

Sochi 2014's Most Entertaining Olympian Names - SportsPickle

If any of you are looking for a great baby name (congrats!), this list is for you.