Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Time To Shine!

The Nashville Predators have a challenging stretch of hockey in front of them. It’s a good time to set that gold aglitter.

Smashville News:

Santini, Olivier Excited for Opportunity, Hope to Make Impact with Preds | NHL.com
"The Predators are looking for changes in their on-ice results, and over the past 48 hours, they've made some moves with that in mind." Well this should do...something?

Weekly Edge: A laundry list of problems surrounds the Nashville Predators | A to Z Sports
Alex with a good summary of the Nashville Predators’ current woes. I like the point about maybe slowing down the line blender. I also have theories about why and how the visitor fan base is once again overtaking many of our games, but I don't want to start a fight. Let's just say that needs to stop.

Smashville Scope: November 18 | NHL.com
Lots of good information throughout this collection. Am I the only one concerned that Peter Laviolette never mentions the goaltending?

Pet Wars Teaser | NHL.com
"Fans will have the opportunity to select their favorite player's pet in our new Pet Wars series, presented by Ingram Express Services." We all know that Doug and Dozer would have won this easily. But, with their separation and Dozer's decline in social media, I think Tula the mini-golden has a good shot at victory. (Unless they include Lord Banner of Smashville.)

The link below is to a must watch video from the past. Pekka Rinne calling Juuse Saros “son” is everything.

If his other ear ever stands up, it’s going to break my heart.

Central Division News:

BILLECK: ‘Scrappy’ Jets gaining an identity at season’s quarter-mark | Winnipeg Sun
"Scrappy"? Did they mean scruffy? Seriously though, scrappy is not an identity that first comes to my mind for the Winnipeg Jets.

For Wild, Victor Rask-Nino Niederreiter trade still stings | Twin Cities
To be honest, as a person who likes the Carolina Hurricanes and still boos Ryan Suter, this trade warmed my heart last year. Also, big news—there is no news about Kevin Fiala for the first time in awhile.

Thomas on the Blues: One year later, Berube's message and method remain unchanged | stltoday.com
Sounds like some messaging that is needed in another Central Division locker room.

Kris Versteeg pens emotional letter to Blackhawks organization after release from Rockford IceHogs | Yahoo
Not all Stanley Cup winners’ retirements are the same. Good luck going forward, Kris Versteeg.

Other Hockey News:

Devils putting goaltender Cory Schneider on waivers | ESPN
This makes me sad. If you have time, watch the 2016 All-Star Breakaway Challenge on Youtube. Cory Schneider is mic'd up and hilarious. (It was the last year of this All-Star event because clearly everyone was having too much fun.)

Gary Bettman talks puck tracking, CBA, Calvert injury non-whistle | Sportsnet.ca
“What you don’t want — and this wasn’t the case [with Calvert] — you don’t want it being used for gamesmanship, where a game is stopped needlessly. Having said that, any time a player is in distress, the officials know they need to stop the game.” Yep, throw the officials right under that bus. How about making that rule better?

Budget Burdens: The five NHL players providing the least value | TheHockeyNews
Come for the tears for former Predator P.K. Subban. Click the "best budget booms" link and stay for former Predator Brad Hunt and current Predator Rocco Grimaldi.

The NHL's best and worst this week - Inside Joel Quenneville's refurbishment of the Panthers | ESPN
What? Interviews with both Joel Quenneville and Stan Bowman in the same article?

Skating dog wows crowd during second intermission of Golden Knights game | NHL.com
I feel like dogs are taking over this post, but this good boy deserves his time to shine. Who would think he could learn to cross over his paws?

Hockey is Magic: Episode Five | NHL.com
Okay, Henrik Lundqvist has by far the smallest reactions to the tricks, but does channel all of our frustration about not knowing how the tricks were done. ALSO - the mystery of the poor stick tape job is solved!

Southernisms: Episode II | NHL.com
More fun with the European kids trying to figure out Southern slang. They may need a tutor.