Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: “Unfit to Practice”

In which we are left to wonder if it is COVID-19 or car trouble.

Smashville News:

Nashville Predators, John Hynes face "56 playoff games" this season | A to Z Sports
What do you think the biggest challenge will be for the team? For the forwards I would think there will be a threat of produce or perish (get exposed to Seattle).

Poile, Hynes Embracing Competition Among Preds, Excited for Team Reset | NHL.com
Does anyone else feel something a little "off" in the messaging so far this year? Or have the last few years just made me cynical?

Report: Milwaukee Admirals opt out of 2020-21 AHL season | On the Forecheck
"This will have significant effects on the prospect pool this year." Check back for updates on this story.

Salary Cap Deep Dive: Nashville Predators | Pro Hockey Rumors
Interesting analysis. Why is it that no one seems to remember that Viktor Arvidsson was impacted by injury last year?

Live Event Venues Throughout Tennessee Unite Over Tennessee Venue Pledge | NHL.com
Thoughts? I believe the Nashville Predators, but it seems like Nashville in general hasn’t been the best about enforcing rules in entertainment areas.

If you don’t get misty, I just don’t know who you are.

Central Division News:

Brent Seabrook ‘unfit’ as Blackhawks begin training camp, release roster | Chicago Sun-Times
So it seems the "Unfit" generalization will end at the end of camp. Thank goodness. Also, are the Chicago Blackhawks trying to set up a transfer of Brent Seabrook to LTIR?

[Ed.: Odd that they’re easing into the possibility gently, given they’ve already talked about several surgeries that he needs to have, one at a time.]

Lightning’s Steven Stamkos back on the ice to start training camp | Tampa Bay Times
"“We’re losing ‘Kuch,’ but we’re getting ‘Stammer’ back." Tampa Bay dreams of someday having both at the same time.

Brind'Amour Outlines Expectations Heading Into Camp | NHL.com
"It's the challenge to become a C5 Hurricane - a Category 5 Hurricane, the strongest and fiercest of them all." Now that's a goal! But what will the accompanying Storm Surge be?

Other Hockey News:

NHL teams getting ready for season-long sprint | TSN.ca
LOL, all the quotes are from Canadian teams.

NHL puck is going high-tech | The Boston Globe
I had forgotten the monitoring of players and pucks would go live this year. It will be interesting to see how it evolves.

NHL Training Camp Day 2: Patrik Laine addresses trade speculation | Sportsnet
I have never understood Patrik Laine. He is a weird dude. Much news in here from around the league.

Pee Wees: Confessions of a Hockey Parent: A Book Excerpt | The Hockey News on Sports Illustrated
Today's long read. I enjoyed this immensely. I'm now heading over to Amazon to see if I can order it.

Gretzky gets first hole-in-one during New Year's Eve round of golf | NHL.com
"It was a great '1' for the Great One."

NHL plans outdoor games at Lake Tahoe | ESPN
As someone who regularly vacations in South Shore, this is an interesting choice logistically. In addition, we are not sure that we can take our vacation there in June, let alone travel there in February.