Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Waiting

Three Stars from Day 7 of WJC: Ridly Greig ignites Canada with two-way play | Sportsnet.ca
Group play at the WJC has ended.

United States holds off Sweden to finish group play 4-0 at world junior hockey championship | ESPN
The US is the defending World Juniors champion and got off to a strong start in group play.

What If…? NWHL Version, Part 3 | The Ice Garden
It's incredible to realize how long ago 2018 was in sports years, and also real years.

Alex Ovechkin intentionally mislabels the number on his Capitals equipment bag | RMNB
On the one hand, the fact that there's an actual reason for this in addition to silliness is impressive. On the other hand, if Ovechkin has been doing this for years so that people won't steal his gear from the airport to re-sell, doesn't running an article about it defeat the purpose? Oh well, not my problem.

Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner set for hip surgery, expected to miss 2022-23 season | ESPN
Rough news for both Vegas and Lehner.

Hockey Canada looks to hire director of sport safety to address abuse, harassment | Sportsnet.ca
This sounds like an important position to have.

What's next for the NHL and the Metaverse? | ESPN
The answer doesn't seem to be virtual hockey, at least not yet.

Flames' Jonathan Huberdeau pledges to donate brain for research | Sportsnet.ca
The advances in studies of brain injuries are encouraging, and the growing awareness among NHL and other hockey players that this really does matter is also encouraging. A change in league policies and enforcements won't likely succeed--if it can even be tried--without players on board.