Tuesday's Dump & Chase: WE ARE WATCHING YOU

It may be the middle of September, but we're looking around the corner to spring. We're watching you, Eric Staal. Please stay healthy. And heck, when you visit for that first preseason game... have a look around. Go out on the town with Neal and Roman and Seth. Sure, you can bring Jordan too

News Involving Your Beloved Nashville Predators

Neal Skates with Youth Players, Hosts Hockey Clinic - Nashville Predators - Features
Bless you, James Neal. I think I saw you in your Ferrari the other day, winning the hearts and minds of West End. Maybe it was you.

Nashville Predators: Puck Daddy’s 2015-16 NHL Season Preview | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Check out Coop's prediction.

Friedman: 'Staal and Hurricanes not close on deal' - Sportsnet.ca
LeBrun's Rumblings: Carolina Hurricanes' Eric Staal's contract talks - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN

News Involving Hockey and Other Hockey Teams

NHL adds concussion spotters, controversial ‘Julian Edelman Rule’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Excellent sentiment, but we'll question the execution.

WATCH: Virginia hockey goalie chugs beer during blowout, gets ejected - CBSSports.com

Lightning to spend $6 million introducing children to hockey | TBO.com and The Tampa Tribune
They might not be your favorite team, but Tampa Bay's ownership and front office "get it". It's about growing the game.

Tom Petty 'Free Fallin' covered by hockey player | EW.com
My worlds are colliding.

2015-16 Fantasy Hockey: 3 Sleeper Picks to Help Your Team | The Hockey Writers
For you nerds.

The Metropolitan Division's Top 10 Goalies: 2015-16 - Japers' Rink
When Jaroslav Halak is not in the top five, that's a decent division.

How should the Oilers protect McDavid? - Sportsnet.ca
Requisite McDavid link.

'Upscale Dive' The Centennial Coming to The Nations - Eater Nashville

Marco Rubio is using his presidential campaign trail to dump on Florida State - SBNation.com
Not sure there's ever been a candidate I would support more just based on that level of smack.

Moses Malone was the best damn center I ever saw - SBNation.com
For all you kids out there, Moses was special. He was the previous generation's Hakeem Olajuwon, who was our generation's Marc/Pau Gasol hybrid.