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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: What Day Is It?

Smashville News:

How Nashville’s Sports Teams are Weathering Coronavirus Storm | Sounds Like Nashville
“The CEOs of the Nashville Predators and the Nashville SC came together to give an update on their teams during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Long-term outlook for Nashville Predators | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
“PHT shares its take on the long-term outlook for the Nashville Predators. Will it pay off that they locked down a lot of long-term contracts?”

OTF March Madness: Best Games in Nashville Predators History (Final Four) -| On the Forecheck
Who will play in the final match?

Kyle Turris here with a virtual tour of his family’s living space.

And in other news – my mood:

Other Hockey News:

A question for each Eastern Conference NHL team in the off-season | Sportsnet.ca
Interesting questions within. Looking forward to the Western Conference edition today.

The Real-Life Diet of the NHL’s Nathan MacKinnon, Who Changed His Diet and Became a Star
“The 24-year-old leader of the Colorado Avalanche on eating better, working out like Sidney Crosby, and the coronavirus shutdown of the NHL season.” What were you doing and how did you eat at age 24? I remember a lot of corned beef.

Primer: Advanced analytics in hockey made simple | DK Pittsburgh Sports
Other than the glaring absence of Handsome/60, this is one of the best and most straightforward explanations of some of the advanced stats I’ve seen.

Sportsnet NHL Insiders pick front-runners for each major award | Sportsnet.ca
Do sports writers in Canada even watch non-large market or non-Canadian teams?

Old, bad games aren’t cutting it for hockey fans looking for a fix | TheHockeyNews
A few good ideas on what could replace the dreadful “classic” games. Also, a few good chuckles.

The best NHL coronavirus pause trend? Players adding dogs to the family | ESPN
We had been planning for a new pup after a May trip to Orlando (now cancelled), but after one experience of canine acute separation anxiety, we don’t want to socialize a dog that this is the norm. I’m waiting very impatiently to be able to get my new fur baby. Kudos to these folks. #AdoptDontShop

Reading Recommendations:

* may be out of print

[Fiction] The Last Disciple: The Book of Demas – Leslie H. Whitten, Jr* – From three cryptic  mentions of Demas in the Bible, the life of a follower of Paul is imagined.

[Non-Fiction] In Search of the Trojan War – Michael Wood – My first PBS series, it sparked an interest in all things related to ancient Greece.

[Biography] Julie & Julia – Julie Powell – As much fun to read as it was to watch.

[Star Trek – Next Gen] Metamorphosis – Jean Lorrah* – Jean Lorrah started in fan fiction in the seventies and moved on to some of the best Star Trek books ever written. Here Data spends time as a real human.

[Non-Fiction] The Dinosaur Heresies – Robert T. Bakker – If you remember the young boy in Jurassic Park quoting the “thicker” book, this is it. Bakker was the leading proponent of dinosaur descent from birds.

[Romance] The Villa – Nora Roberts* – One of the first full novels from the world’s best romance writer.

[Fantasy] Lord Foul’s Bane – Stephen R. Donaldson – Warning! Do not give up on this book until at least page 130. There is a bunch to set up. This is the first book of “The First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant”. Recently, I discovered he wrote a third set of three. Yea!

[Young Adult] Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Ransom Riggs – The brilliance of taking many of the doctored photos of the early twentieth century and weaving them into a compelling story is incredible. Fun read.

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