Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Wheels Spinning

It’s a quiet week.

Bobby Hull Was Not Complicated | Defector
Sports media has to get better about acknowledging that being a good player and being a good person have absolutely nothing to do with each other--it's not always both or neither.

Bettman named 2023 recipient of SBJ Lifetime Achievement Award | NHL.com
He certainly has been the commissioner of the NHL for a long time. And yeah, some of the things he’s overseen and pushed for have been great, like growth in the sun belt. But he’s also overseen things like concussion denialism, among other concerns.

Islanders add much-needed offense, land Bo Horvat from Canucks | ESPN
So this happened...

'Thank you captain Bo': Hockey world reacts to Canucks trading Horvat | Sportsnet
Unaddressed: exactly how Horvat’s appearance at the All-Star Game, where he’ll be representing the Vancouver Canucks, will go.

Berndtsson Standing Tall Despite Beauts’ Struggles | The Ice Garden
A goalie cannot win games solo!

Canucks' Ilya Mikheyev to have season-ending knee surgery | ESPN
He tore his ACL in the first preseason game and still played most of the season. Gruesome. I hope he hasn't shortened his career too badly in the process of playing through it.

Holy water and potatoes: Stories from Jagr's short but memorable stint with Flames | Sportsnet
Jágr seems like the kind of guy you'd run into in a movie script, not the real NHL.

NYC Pride unaware of Rangers' jersey decision on Pride Night | ESPN
The fact that the New York Rangers didn't tell the organization they were partnering with--or even, apparently, their own players--in advance is kind of weird.

Connecticut’s Janine Weber Reflects on 8-Year Journey | The Ice Garden
I can't believe the PHF (formerly the NWHL) has already been around for eight years. Time isn't real.

Hershey Bears fans force game to end early with goalless Teddy Bear Toss, set another new world record | RMNB
Fans responded to getting shut out by throwing their stuffed animals (a charity donation) onto the ice anyway. With under six seconds remaining in the game, a two-goal deficit, and a cleanup delay of 20-30 minutes, officials opted to just call the game.