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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Will It Ever Rain Again?

Smashville News:

Filip Forsberg Wants To Bring The Stanley Cup to Leksands-Noret | Hockeysverige.se
This is a Google Translate of the original Swedish article (which can be found here). It leaves a little something to be desired, including an F-bomb. Filip Forsberg buries the lede—there is a new girlfriend. Don’t worry, I’m on it.

(If the translate link doesn’t work, you can translate easily. Copy Swedish link URL. Go to Google translate. Paste in left box and select Swedish for the language. Go to right box and select English for the language. Click on the URL in the right hand box.)

Predators original office dog Duncan retiring, diabetic owner needs help replacing him | NewsChannel5.com
“Duncan has worked as a Diabetic Alert Dog for seven years. His age and some medical issues are forcing him to retire a little early.” I had no idea service dogs could be so expensive. When last checked, the owner was less than 25% to his goal.

Nashville Predators Entry-Level Expectations, Part IV: Milan Kloucek | On the Forecheck
“Nashville could be at risk of striking out on their third straight Czech goaltender.” Eric wraps up his series on prospects with expiring rights.

Central Division News:

Shape of Blackhawks changing quickly | Daily Herald
“The Blackhawks needed to get bigger, faster and deeper in order to compete with the best of the West. They believe they’ve done that.” ‘Dreamer! You’re nothing but a dreamer!’ You know how I know they know they are going nowhere again this year? They are already promoting a ten year Stanley Cup anniversary party next year.

Blues players and fans gather for premiere of movie celebrating team’s incredible season | FOX2now.com
Oof. I’m feeling a little nauseous.

Mark Scheifele shoots down talk about issues within Winnipeg Jets’ dressing room | Yahoo
Okay. First, this is posted in the Lifestyle section—what? Second, methinks they doth protest too much.

Other Hockey News:

Devils Acquire Gusev From Vegas | NHL.com
Sorry Preds hopefuls. He’s a Devil. Speaking of whom—can they stop already?

Grading the Andrei Vasilevskiy deal – Eight-year term is a little scary | ESPN
Some discussion pro and con with concern about term. Personally, I think Carey Price and Sergei Bobrovsky are riskier deals. To me, this is the 2019 version of Pekka Rinne’s 7X7 contract with much less age risk.

Super Slow Mo: Ice Level Views | NHL.com
Okay—this could be interesting. Will any photographers be injured during the video? (Dead space) Okay maybe not so interesting. Hahaha. Hi Barry Trotz. I really love Carolina’s third jerseys. Welp, still no Predators. Hi Ryan Johansen—nice shot. Waiting….Whoa! That was up close and personal.

Pro tip: Stop watching after Joey’s goal unless you want to watch the St. Louis Blues’ celebration.

Hurricanes happy with offseason, GM says | NHL.com
They should be. I hope Justin Williams decides to come back for another run. Did I mention that I love their third jerseys?

Alex Meruelo purchase of Coyotes finalized, making him NHL’s first Latino majority owner | Sporting News
As the article states, it would be great for the Arizona Coyotes and the NHL if Alex Meruelo could help engage the Hispanic market.

Hockey/Not Hockey:

The Athletic Sports News Site Hits 500,000 Subscribers | Bloomberg
As a subscriber, I have to say yay! There is actually more sports content on my favorite teams than I can keep up with. As a D&C poster, I have to say boo! There are so many great articles that I can’t post for you because they are behind the pay wall.

NASCAR and the NHL – a sports crossover that never stops giving | TheHockeyNews
I was an avid NASCAR fan years before I fully embraced hockey. I love it when they intersect.

Alana Paterson’s photographs celebrate the power of female athletes | CNN
She uses a lot of hockey photos to illustrate her points. Great piece.