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Social Media

Working on my first 5K

SB Nation hops on the Twitter phenomenon with a challenge to see which sports blog can reach 5,000 followers. Can a hockey blogger in a Southern market move ahead of the pack?

Hockey Night in Canada gets its Twitter on

In another example of outreach into new media, some Hockey Night in Canada personalities are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon.

Giveaways announced for Nashville's NHL Tweetup!

Join us at Nashville's NHL Tweetup!

Nashville's hockey fans will gather Wednesday evening to celebrate the opening of the Stanley Cup playoffs, as part of the "NHL Tweetups" taking place across North America.

A Nashville NHLTweetup is in the works...

Nashville Predators fans are organizing an NHL Tweetup, a gathering of hockey fans who use Twitter, for the first night of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, in coordination with similar events in other cities.