VIDEO: Blackhawks Fan Behaving Badly


Since our least favorite people in the whole wide world are in town tonight, we thought you might enjoy this little slice of life from the first invasion back in October. This video was sent to us by a Preds fan who decided if she was going to have to sit next to these bozos all night, why not record 'em? We've cut this down to just a couple of highlights, but this went on and on and on and on. The moaning, the screaming (well beyond rooting for their team), the obscenities...unchecked for the entire game. For all the masochists out there, we'll upload the full-length video too.

Now if you recall, after this game, CBS Chicago ran a piece saying we are "freaked out" by Blackhawks fans, which is utter nonsense. We really just can't stand their truly awful behavior, and we want it to stop. The video above is not an isolated incident, either. Take a look at these little tidbits from the November game last year (via the always excellent Conference III):

Nothing that's been done so far has been very effective, but maybe, just maybe, an army of Preds fans with smartphones will do the trick. If you see something at the game, take a quick video or picture and send it to us. We'd love to have a feature-length film of this stuff to send to CBS Chicago for Christmas.