Watch Carter Hutton's Candidate for Save of the Year

My. Goodness.

There were those of us that thought Carter Hutton filled his "freakishly amazing save quota" with the diving stop he had last year against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Boy were we wrong.

With time running out in Tuesday's hockey game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Predators were clinging to a one goal lead. Daniel Winnik redirected a shot that was 100% going into Nashville's net until... well, see for yourself:

"You'll watch 100 hockey games and never see a save like that," Stu Grimson said on air. He's right. That's just flat-out amazing.

Hutton stretches behind him and bats the puck away from the net, saving a goal. Nashville would go on to win 4-3. Without that save, that doesn't happen. Luck, athleticism, awareness, desperation, and everything else were all involved to help make that happen.

Pekka Rinne's backwards kick save has some company.