Wednesday's Dump and Chase: Betting Odds and More Useless Stuff

NHL betting odds were released yesterday and that's just wonderful because we're running out of news to create. Wednesday has also become my least favorite day of the week since my co-worker started quoting the camel from the Geico ads.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL betting odds | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Dallas is 15/2 to win the Central. Not too bad. A hot start can carry a team a long way and a hunch tells me the Stars will start the season very hot. Also some pretty good value for Cup odds.

Sidney Crosby Was Not Arrested In Ottawa-Deadspin


Best centers in NHL |
Four of the writers polled and these are the results. Come for the list of top centers, stay for the black hole of comments.

All the Reasons Why Hockey in Las Vegas Is a Good Idea | Bleacher Report
Dave Lozo from Bleacher Report has a leveled take on the possible NHL expansion in Vegas. I included this article because I stood up at my desk and cheered after reading the parts about Kevin Spacey and Swingers. I'm glad someone finally had the courage to speak up about Swingers.

The Dallas Stars and their success up the left side | theScore
Another installment of Justin Bourne's play breakdown articles. These are one of my favorite hockey related pieces to read. Great read for the generally interested, suggested reading for fans of a Central Division team.

An Outsiders Inside view of the NHL Stats Revolution - Part 1 | FlamesNation
If you have been confused by the "Summer of Analytics" title being thrown around this is an overview and what it means going forward. Kent Wilson knows his stuff.

Potential PTOs | ProHockeyTalk
There are three pretty good unsigned players on this list and one guy that will talk your ear off between trips to the bathroom.

Rebuilding? Not the Wings, says Osgood | ESPN
Thanks to San Jose, the word rebuild no longer has meaning in the NHL.

Hextall thinks Couturier has more to give | theScore
The Flyers have a hell of an asset in Couturier. If he takes the next step, the Flyers are pretty solid down the middle. Too bad their problem is defense and goaltending.

Las Vegas vs. Seattle: How bad would our NHL expansion teams be? | Sporting News
This is a fun and silly read.