Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Batten Down The Hatches

The Vegas Golden Knights will announce their expansion draft selections tonight. Brace yourselves...the internet will react accordingly.

Hockey News & Notes

Desert ice: NHL awards, expansion draft colliding in Vegas | The Washington Post
The moment we've all been dreading has arrived, the expansion draft is tonight.




Oh and they're handing out a few trophies to some random guys at some point too.

For George McPhee, NHL expansion draft isn’t personal. It’s just business. | The Washington Post
George McPhee is here to chew bubble gum and ruin your summer...and he's all out of bubble gum.

How the Nashville Predators stand with sexual assault survivors | The Tennessean
The Predators continue to make huge strides in the Nashville community. Love them or hate them this city would be a lot worse off without this organization.

NHL’s new Adidas jerseys leak online hours before official announcement |
The new Preds sweater leaked early yesterday afternoon and WOW! did the Internet react. Given how bland Nashville looks next to the rest of the league's sweaters, angry hockey social media was probably warranted. Admittedly they looked a little nicer on a mannequin but still weak compared to everyone else.

NHL expansion draft: Golden Knights say they have already agreed to 6 trades |
I'm not sure if Poile ever had a chance to make a trade with McPhee know, but if anyone could somehow manage to expose James Neal in an expansion and not lose him, it would be Poile.

Panthers likely to lose 30-goal scorer Jonathan Marchessault in NHL expansion draft | Sun Sentinel
Well...we'd be in good company if we did lose Neal...(ducks from flying objects)

Gordo: Expansion, entry draft will trigger more NHL deals | Jeff Gordon |
I think as a GM you have to wait to see what Vegas is going to do before you start making moves. It makes more sense to take inventory of what you've lost before you start stockpiling elsewhere.

A former Capitals assistant GM evaluates The Post’s mock expansion draft | The Washington Post
"Nobody I've worked with understood leverage and how to use it to pry open roster opportunities better than McPhee."

How do you feel about the new Adidas Nashville Predators Sweaters?

Waiting for the old ones to go on sale63
Rallying the pitchfork mob24
I'll learn to like it78
Dumpster Fire109