Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Can't Stop, Won't Stop

The Nashville Predators are firing on all cylinders and the St. Louis Blues are one game away from hitting the golf course. If you have yet to witness a game this post season,'s incredible.

Nashville Gloriousness

Predators beat Blues for 3-1 lead in series - The Tennessean
The Preds have done a good job of frustrating St. Louis. The Blues would be in a lot worse shape without Jake Allen defying the laws of humanity to keep them in this thing.

But let's be honest about Nashville's real adversary last night...

Nashville's country stars catch Predators fever - The Tennessean
As someone who's never been a fan of country music, seeing all these stars come out to support the hometown team is pretty inspiring.

Other Hockey News

We deserve NHL hot takes - just not from Mike Milbury - Yahoo Sports
I'd like to think Milbury won't be making anymore ridiculous comments about P.K. Subban or the Nashville Predators, but I don't think anyone has that much faith in him.

NHL extends deal for Buffalo to host combine through 2019 | FOX Sports
I mean you have to give Buffalo something or they might just fall off the face of the hockey universe for good.

NHL playoffs: Rested Rangers come to life with 4-1 win over Senators in Game 3 -
After crushing Montreal's hopes and dreams in round one, it was pretty surprising to see the Rangers fall behind the Senators 2-0. They're still in it, but it's the playoffs and ANYTHING can happen.

The NHL got the Crosby-Niskanen incident right, and that should be the end of it | FOX Sports
Fans of both sides are going to argue that each player was treated poorly because of what's on the line. Given the NHL's stance on head injuries it's no surprise just how much the incident has been scrutinized. The NHL may have gone by the book with this one, but they still have a long way to go. Re-evaluating playoff officiating would probably be a great start. See P.K. Subban getting an embellishment penalty last night during game four.

Sidney Crosby injury timeline: Latest concussion adds to troubling history for NHL's biggest star | NHL | Sporting News
Crosby gets a lot of attention because he's the golden child of the NHL, but he also has an extensive history with head injuries that shouldn't be taken lightly. Sure, you want him to be the superstar Sidney Crosby, but in the long-run the guy needs to be able to have a healthy life after the game too. Rushing him back to play isn't going to secure that life.

Oilers make winning faceoffs priority vs Ducks entering Game 4 -
I met an Oilers fan at Bridgestone on Sunday who informed everyone she was already in town for the next series - NSH vs EDM. That's how confident their fans are currently. Can't hate the passion.

Happy Wednesday Smashville