Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Disturbing the Peace

Game 2 tonight in the Burgh. If you're just tuning in it's Nashville Catfish Guy 10 the city of Pittsburgh and PETA 0. If Pittsburgh wants traditional no-fun hockey give them anything but that. Light'em up boys!

Stanley Cup Final News & Notes

2017 Stanley Cup finals -- Predators were better team in Game 1 - ESPN
When your head coach says you were bad, even after you won the game, that's a red flag.

Pekka Rinne, Predators prepared to bounce back against Penguins - The Tennessean
Nashville has yet to lose back to back games this post-season and I don't expect them to start now. Pittsburgh will come out strong and ready, but no one will be harder on Rinne than Rinne. He won't want a repeat of Monday night, so expect lights out Rinne in Game 2.

How Predators' catfish thrower did it: I'm 'just a dumb redneck with a bad idea' | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
In-case you need a step by step break down of how to transport a catfish over 7 hours, run it over with a truck, stuff it in your pants, and not get mobbed by Pittsburgh fans with pitch forks after you throw it on enemy ice, this article is for you.

Predators fan who threw catfish on ice charged in Pittsburgh - The Tennessean
We're all thinking it, what's more 'redneck' than 'disrupting a meeting' to throw a catfish on the ice? Actually charging the guy who threw it on the ice because 'catfish are for eating not throwing'. Pittsburgh will never live it down if these charges actually stick.

‘They’ve screwed this rule up’: P.K. Subban’s disallowed goal shows that NHL offside reviews are broken | National Post
The catfish stole the show, but no one is forgetting that disallowed goal. NO ONE. Predators fans everywhere will lose sleep over that goal for years if Nashville doesn't hoist that cup.

NHL’s questionable playoff officiating looms over Stanley Cup Final -
It's not just this series, officiating has been particularly awful the entire post-season everywhere, not just Nashville. It's the Cup, we get it, but if the league could find some sort of consistent middle ground for the playoffs instead of just chucking the rule book out the window that would be great.

Culture, Leadership Give Preds Optimism for Bounce Back -
P.K. Subban looks like he's about to defend the hell out of Sissons and Forsberg who just lawyered up for being 'instruments of crime'. Preds are about to dominate Game 2. Book it.

The Nashville Predators Are Making Hockey Great Again | Complex
Great read about just how incredible the hockey experience in Nashville has been during the playoffs. It doesn't even matter if you can't get into the games, you can't walk down the street without seeing gold. You can't even get coffee downtown without it turning into a 20 minute conversation about hockey. It's cheesy but win or lose this has been an incredible ride.

NHL News & Notes

If NHL wants to be treated like a major league, maybe NBC should get a major-league studio team |
Yeah it's not just Nashville, NBC isn't giving anyone a reason to enjoy their hockey broadcast lately. Time for a change.

NHL sets times for Expansion Draft selections, protected list announcements - Broad Street Hockey
The protected player lists will be made public, which is all we really care about right?

Capitals GM opens up about potentially trading Alex Ovechkin - Yahoo Sports
At least the Capitals sound like they're aware of what they would be losing. Who do you trade for Alex Ovechkin? That's not a player for player trade, that's a big package deal that I'm not sure exists.

10 of the very best national anthem singers in NHL history | FOX Sports
Nashville might have the stars but the rest of the league has some incredible anthem singers as well.