Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Rest and Reset

The Preds went 1-1 on their back to back roadtrip. Now they have a day to rest and reflect on what went right and what went wrong before taking on the Toronto Maple Leafs Thursday night.

Hockey News & Notes

Bruins end Predators' win streak at four - The Tennessean
The Bruins were not going to go quietly, and unfortunately the Preds sluggish start gave Boston the ultimate edge they needed to win.

These three Stanley Cup Finals showdowns are what all NHL fans want to see -
I can honestly say I've never had a desire to see a Ducks vs. Blue Jackets final...but now that you mention it, sounds like a hoot. I'll get the popcorn.

Golden Knights welcome Raiders to Las Vegas -
Las Vegas just went from having zero professional sports affiliations to having two in the blink of an eye. It might seem friendly now but that's probably because the Raiders won't be relocating to Vegas overnight.

Las Vegas pro sports growth mirrors Nashville’s | Las Vegas Review-Journal
It took a long time for the Predators and the Titans to put on a united front. The city had to grow and both teams had to make strides to evolve to get to that point instead of essentially competing against one another. This article is definitely worth the read as it paints the business picture that both Las Vegas teams will be facing.

The NHL might have been ready to knock the Golden Knights out of the ballpark as the perfect expansion model in an untouched hockey city, but the Raiders moving in definitely just threw a wrench into that plan. It will be interesting to see how they overcome.

USA Hockey, women’s national team avoid boycott with new contract - Yahoo Sports
While it's disheartening that it had to come to a boycott and endless pressure from multiple outlets before it was resolved, at least the women's team is finally getting the compensation and respect they deserve.

King of the comebacks? Lightning makes a case this season | Tampa Bay Times
Tampa Bay has had a downer of a season, and let's be honest we're all a little disappointed. But we all enjoyed that comeback win against Chicago.

Hurricanes' Eddie Lack out of hospital after straining neck - NHL on CBC Sports
That was a pretty scary moment Monday night when Lack had to be removed from the ice on a stretcher. It seems he's okay, although a neck injury doesn't sound like the sort of injury you want before the playoffs...or ever really.

Detroit Red Wings end historic run, will miss playoffs for first time in 25 years -
After 25 years the Detroit Red Wings will be hitting the back nine early. The streak had to end eventually, and to be fair they probably had no business in the playoffs this season anyway.

Ken Hitchcock and a Dallas Stars reunion - Puck Daddy
We all know that where there's smoke there's fire, especially in the NHL as of late.