Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Summer Break

Hockey season is over, it's 150 degrees outside, and everyone is on vacation but you. It's officially the worst time of year.

Hockey News & Notes

NHL explains why Predators goal didn't count | The Tennessean
This may be the hardest thing I've had to read since Monday happened. It's never going to make sense. The only optimism I can throw at this, is that I hope it was a wake up call to the NHL to revisit their officiating and their rulebook this summer.

Oddsmaker says Nashville not the 2018 Cup favorite | Nashville Post
It's fine, let them keep proving everyone wrong. It's sweeter that way.
P.S.: Penguins aren't winning 3 Cups in a row. Don't @ me!

2017 Stanley Cup finals -- Nashville Predators have high expectations for next season | ESPN
Given the circumstances this team was dealt through the entire span of the playoffs they should be proud. This won't be the last time these guys are in a Cup Final.

Successful Marketers: Look No Further Than Stanley Cup's Nashville Predators | Media Post
If you're into business and sports this is a pretty good read about how the Preds' brand compares to building a new start-up business.

There’s enough intrigue this summer to rattle the whole NHL | New York Post
In summary: The Cup was won on Monday, it's Wednesday and the expansion draft is next week so everyone has moved on.

Here are some way-too-early predictions for the 2017-18 NHL season -
I'll co-sign the prediction that Marc-Andre Fleury leaving will hurt the Penguins more than people probably realize. Murray's great, but he's young, I don't think he's ready to become the "veteran" goaltender. It'd be the same as if Rinne retired and Saaros had to carry the weight of the Preds as the starter.

Report: Rangers' Kevin Klein considering retirement from NHL -
I'd like to believe that somewhere Poile is wondering how he can convince Klein to retire in Nashville.

Little Caesars Arena design draws from Montreal, boasts largest scoreboard in NHL |
So if Ekholm ever needs to point out the score to anyone in Detroit we'll all be able to see it crystal clear. Awesome!

Expansion Draft Buzz: Ducks have deal in place with Golden Knights |
Kevin Beiska is 35 and has one year remaining on his contract and you don't ask him to wave his no movement clause...what? That must be some deal if Anaheim is confident Vegas won't take Jakob Silfverberg.

Also: Yannick Weber resigned a one-year deal with the Predators today. Have we agreed on what we're calling him yet? Yeber? Y. Weber? The Other Weber? Yanni?

Having failed in Las Vegas, NHL investors ready to try again in Seattle | Las Vegas Review Journal
The headline is very misleading. This is about Jerry Bruckheimer wanting a hockey team. Yes - that Jerry Bruckheimer. I'm rooting for him, maybe he'll find the inspiration for a new hockey movie or hockey inspired TV show if nothing else.