Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Stagnation

And...we wait.

Nashville Predators News

Predators-Coyotes Qualifying Round debated by |
Well, the Yotes get to wear their third “Kachina” jerseys. Can the Preds wear their Winter Classic sweaters?

Around the League

Players comment on calls for racial justice
You can't just "stick to hockey."

Curran, SHL MVP, signs two-year contract with Ducks
But...he's 30? How does this help the Ducks get younger and faster?

Senators will be 'tough team to beat' with successful draft, coach says
The Senators are going to come out of the draft with a haul, that's for sure.

Wheeler says players 'can't be silent anymore' about racism
Blake Wheeler spoke from the heart Tuesday about racism, why more NHL players are sharing their thoughts about it now and how he hopes they can help effect change.

Devils relying on Blackwood, draft picks after season ends
I fear that it will get worse for the Devils before it gets better.

Greatest Moments of the NHL Season … So Far reaches final four
It's gotta be Pekka, right?

Hockey Canada issues statement denouncing racism, calling for change -
Hockey Canada joins the many teams and organizations who have released a statement.

Could long NHL layoff lead to higher scoring playoff hockey? -
Give us playoff scoring records, ridiculous goals, absurd saves. Make it all happen, hockey universe.

NHL post-quarantine: Recapturing team chemistry a challenge -
Will chemistry be difficult to establish? I can see many players looking forward to a renewed season/playoffs, but what about the players who are distanced from family and dealing with private concerns? It might be an "intangible," but chemistry is definitely something the coaches and team leadership will have to monitor.

NHL GMs embrace 'unique' times: 'We're excited we have an opportunity' -
Unique is the name of the game. I sincerely hope that these teams use their status as professional athletes to speak out against the biggest issues our society is dealing with today.

The Vegas Golden Knights continue to build an empire in the desert - TheHockeyNews
I'm kinda a fan of the Silver Knights logo. This is a franchise built pretty meticulously.

Don't call him Draisaitl: meet Tim Stutzle, Germany's new star prospect - TheHockeyNews
Can Nashville get a freshly-baked Tim Stutzle in the draft?

Some NHL players aren't 'sticking to hockey' by taking on racism - TheHockeyNews
GOOD. Don't just stick to hockey.

2019-20 season postmortem: Detroit Red Wings - TheHockeyNews
How does Detroit improve from here?

San Jose Sharks' Logan Couture: Racism exists in society, it also exists in hockey -
Logan Couture is pointing out what many others have not.