Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Upside Down

It seems like we’re getting closer to...something.

Nashville Predators News and Notes

Nashville wants to host games if NHL resumes season in centralized locations
What say you, Preds fans? Could Nashville be a good site for a hockey hub?

Personally, I believe our infrastructure and hotel situation could support a few clubs. Whether Nashville is really in the running or not is unknown, and it’s not known where the “hub cities” will be, either. Patience, I guess?

Around the League

Insider Trading: Play-in format and its fairness remains a hot topic - Video | TSN
Do you exclude teams like Chicago and Montreal and miss out on potential television-streaming profits? Lots of decisions to come.

Border closure extension not expected to affect NHL planning |
Logistically, how will the border issue look for Canadian teams?

NHL, NHLPA hoping for resolution in 7-10 days |
This is the most specific timeline we've seen yet. Could there be hockey in June?

Five Questions with Jari Kurri
Here's a quick interview with five-time Cup winner Jari Kurri.

Toronto NWHL expansion club unveils logo, name: the 'Six' |
The logo and team name were unveiled on Tuesday. I love it!

Memories of electric Team North America have not faded |
Team North America was exactly that...electric.

NHL-NHLPA relations are, 'best (Bettman) has seen in his career' | TheHockeyNews
Although this is a good thing, can we get some player perspective on how these relations are?

Imaginary NHL Olympics 2022: Projecting Switzerland's roster | TheHockeyNews
Team Switzerland could indeed surprise at the 2022 Olympics. Give our captain the "C" and let them hit the ice.

Victor Hedman and the Tampa Bay Lightning have unfinished business | TheHockeyNews
This headline could read "Elite Player and Top Team have unfinished business." Nearly every contending team is ready to see what the return to play situation will look like and get down to business. "Covid-Cup" or not, these players seek to win.

AHL scoring leader Sam Anas is about to become a free agent. Where will he sign? | TheHockeyNews
If I'm Minnesota, I'm re-signing Sam Anas right now.

The top 10 scorers from the past 15 NHL drafts | TheHockeyNews
Sup, Fil?

NHL draft: It ain't easy picking goalies | TheHockeyNews
Give me all the goalies!!!!!

Country comes first for NWHL rookie Ashley Birdsall | TheHockeyNews
As a former Guardsman, this story is impressive. Give it a read.