Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Almost Perfect

The Predators blew their chance of going 82-0 with a shootout loss last night, so 81-0-1 will have to do. When your team doesn't live up to expectations of a completing a perfect 82 game season, fans start to wonder where the problems are hidden. It's a little early for that, so we will reas

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators Begin Season with 5 Points in 3 Games | The Hockey Writers
Want to relive the Preds first three games in the form of paragraphs? Well then I have an article for you!

New approach generating favourable results for Predators | TSN
Great breakdown of what I thought was the most impressive part of the win over the Stars.

Appreciating Roman Josi | Saber-Toothed Metrics
I've started to appreciate him too after only tracking two games. He's impressive.

Roy solidifying his place in Nashville’s lineup - The Predatorial

He's looked pretty good so far.

Predators' play slips a bit but Rinne's never been better through three games | Nashville Post

Um, him too.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

In defense of Florida Panthers' epically embarrassing crowd vs. Ottawa | Puck Daddy
Great breakdown of the Panther's terrible attendance.

Empty U.S. hockey arena to be featured on Canadian money | Lighthouse Hockey
Great stuff from the Lighthouse.

Fixing Florida's Attendance Problem by Giving Them More Teams | Battle of California
Battle of Cali is always on point.

The Captaincy: How It Can Be the NHL’s Scarlet Letter | Grantland

I always thought 'C' was for 'cookie'.

A prediction: 3-on-3 OT will all but kill shootout | The Hockey News
I hope it's right.

Checking in on the status of key upcoming RFAs | ESPN
Something to keep in mind for Smith, Jarnkrok, and Bourque this coming offseason.

Islanders Playing Almost Perfect Hockey, but Expectations Are Being Tempered | Bleacher Report
Even when you're winning, you're losing.

Islanders forward Brock Nelson making name for himself | ESPN
That name will be 'Brock Nelson'.

Kadri deserves Leafs' top-line role |
Is Carlyle the only person left who doesn't think this is obvious?

Ted Nolan needs to reward players who prioritize 'team' | theScore
Their reward is being traded.

Flames to replace controversial mascot | Post Star
How does the afterlife work for a flame? Is hell a punishment?

Babcock: Red Wings speed can be a huge asset | Over the Boards
Insane Clown Posse, the gang in Robocop, and Mike Babcock. People in Detroit love their speed.