Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Another New Era

The third coach in franchise history made his Smashville debut Tuesday night.

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OTF Reacts to the Nashville Predators’ Firings of Peter Laviolette & Kevin McCarthy | On the Forecheck
The OTF staff and their first reactions to the firing of Peter Laviolette.

Behind the scenes there was a lot of flailing in traffic when the news broke.

Why the Nashville Predators had to move on from Peter Laviolette | On the Forecheck
Bobby takes an in-depth look at why it was time to move on from Laviolette despite his leading the franchise through some of their best years.

Nashville Predators Hire John Hynes as Franchise’s Third Head Coach to Replace Peter Laviolette | On the Forecheck
Just as quickly as they fired Laviolette, they hired John Hynes to be the third head coach in franchise history.

It’s been a busy few days for the Predators, needless to say.

“It’s not Laviolette, it’s our players,” David Poile says in press conference | On the Forecheck
David Poile had a lot to say about his surprise move and what lead him to make the ultimate decision to part ways with Laviolette.

A New Jersey Devils perspective on Preds’ new head coach John Hynes | On the Forecheck
Bryan chatted with our New Jersey sister site about former Devils’ head coach Hynes before he made his Nashville debut.

Peter Laviolette was the rocket fuel the Nashville Predators needed to get to new heights | AtoZ Sports
While opinions surrounding Laviolette may have turned sour before his departure, we can’t ignore that he did a lot for this team. Some of the team’s best moments were with him at the helm.  There’s a lot to be grateful for despite how it ended.

National TV Ratings Don’t Mean the 2020 NHL Winter Classic Wasn’t a Huge Success | Defending Big D
Personally I think viewings are great, but much like stats they don’t always paint the full picture. The Winter Classic in Dallas was a huge success. That’s a lot of people to bring out on a holiday to watch hockey in the south.

Midseason grades for all 31 NHL teams | ESPN
I think the Predators’ grade is spot on. Everything they mentioned is things we’ve all seen and know are happening. We know what this team needs to do to get better; now we just have to wait and see if they do it.

NHL given August deadline to declare participation in 2022 Winter Olympics | CBS Sports
I think they should do it. The Olympics are it.

Manon Rhéaume’s story: Hear from the first female NHL player | Click On Detroit
How is this not a movie yet?

Country Star Sam Hunt to Perform at NHL Outdoor Game | Hollywood Reporter
But that’s Nashville’s thing!

But also, hockey is in the Hollywood Reporter. Our sport has made it, y’all!