Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: August Spice

Pumpkin spice is slated for a late August return, and I think hockey should be too.

Hockey News & Rants

2018-2019 Nashville Predators Player Reviews: Brian Boyle | On the Forecheck
Brian Boyle found himself in the revolving door of bottom-sixers who may not have contributed much but you hate to see them go because they’re just good dudes. I hope he ends up somewhere good and gets to stick around for a while.

‘Year of the Fan’ Showcases Biggest Giveaways, Most Theme Nights Ever | NHL
The Preds have announced all their theme nights and giveaways for the upcoming season.

I’m really curious about the zamboni gravy boat myself.

Editorial: Gary Bettman denies link between hockey and CTE again | On the Forecheck
Gary Bettman continuously evolving into a DC Comics villain is not what I’m here for.

The Athletic says the Capitals have the second worst farm system in the NHL | RMNB
They might want to consider putting work into their farm system...before Alex Ovechkin retires, ideally.

NHL rumors 2019: Could Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen be on the move? | Sporting News
Nashville will accept a Finnish defender with open arms. Especially ones seeking to escape Buffalo.

Just call us Finn-essee? Maybe? No...okay, moving on.

Blackhawks sign Philip Holm, adding another name to defensive competition | Chicago Sun Times
I least Chicago’s doing something. If it’s a good move is still to be determined but Stan Bowman doesn’t give up. He will make the cap work for him, whatever it takes.

The Golden Knights’ offseason has been very bad — how did we get here and what lies ahead? | Knights on Ice
Zero to a hundred back to zero really really quick. What happened Vegas? Are you okay?

Is this what they get for forcing us to call them the Vegas Golden Knights instead of the Las Vegas Golden Knights?

Seems fair.

After an injury, the Calgary Flames are looking to trade for a defenseman...Can the Pens help them? | Pensburgh
While I know realistically it would have never worked, and would have never made any sense, I’m going to that speculative place wondering if P.K. Subban for James Neal could have ever been a thing?

I know, I know, but I mean...stranger things have happened.

NHL Analyst Thinks Mitch Marner’s Agent is Overvaluing Him | 12 UP
From a hockey standpoint, Marner is good and he’s young and if a team can get him locked into a good long-term deal, there’s no denying he’d become a franchise name. You can’t overvalue that.

From a business standpoint his agent is doing exactly what he pays his agent to do, find him the best fit for the most money. If he’s a good agent he’ll know when it’s time to bend.

Seattle expansion team expects nickname early in 2020, before coach | NHL
This is my favorite part of expansions. I’m just here for the naming. As long as their nickname prospects aren’t as bad as some of the Golden Knight’s early prospective titles I think they’ll be okay.

But...if their mascot has to be a fish I need it to be something with googly eyes that looks like it could be potentially related to Gritty.

Belmont Gets Final Approval | Lighthouse Hockey
Good for the Isles!

And props to Lighthouse Hockey, I love a good Fall Out Boy reference.