Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Back to School

<em>Teacher, leave those kids alone!</em> The dog days of summer are over...sorta. Nashvillians who work downtown can rejoice, the kids are going back to school and the tourist herds are thinning. Which means we&#39;re one step closer to opening night.

Hockey Things

Down Goes Brown: Breaking out the NHL off-season Bizarro-meter -
This is a pretty accurate breakdown of all the moves teams have made this season. Montreal tips the scales for most bizarre while other teams have been so quiet you may have forgot they exist. Then there's Las Vegas who ranks just for the sheer fact that they exist.

Taylor Hall, P.K. Subban lead top 15 impact additions of NHL offseason so far -
If you can look past the "bizarro" factor some of these shake-ups may actually change the entire dynamic of some teams. If you can't look past the weirdness at least scroll to number 10 and look at Frederik Andersen's hair. It's basically it's own entity.

Arizona Coyotes buy out Antoine Vermette -
Winning a Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks will not save you from becoming a cap casualty, even in Arizona.

Buffalo woman sues Sabres' Kane - Article - TSN
Things keep getting uglier for Evander Kane, but not so ugly that the Buffalo Sabers couldn't resist wishing him a happy birthday on Twitter. Bad form Buffalo, bad form.

Ads Sign Visentin to One-Year Deal - Milwaukee Admirals
It's highly unlikely we will ever see Mark Visentin in a Predators' jersey, but stranger things have happened.

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere talks about injury rehab and playing in the World Cup of Hockey -
Not everyone is stoked about the World Cup of Hockey, but for some of the rookies who may not get the chance to see the Olympic games I get their excitement.

Jamie Benn sets sights on World Cup during surgery recovery -
Then there's Jamie Benn, who's just stoked to show the world that he's still Jamie Benn after pretty gnarly muscle surgery.

We Need to Talk About Concussions, Right Now | The Players' Tribune
"Unlike broken bones, concussions are invisible, and that means everyone in the hockey community needs to unite and redefine what we mean by toughness and warrior mentality" The Captain of the Colorado Avalanche Gabriel Landeskog talks about suffering through a concussion he received when he was 20-years-old. A young and active player taking a stand to end the stigma that surrounds head injuries - and it's brilliant.

P.K. Subban writes a letter to all of his friends at the Montreal Children's Hospital:

You need to watch the video. Absolutely incredible.

Russian hockey player turns stick into a javelin for the most unbelievable shootout goal | For The Win
This is the silliest thing I've seen since this happened...


Somewhere in the world Roman Josi is challenging James Neal's bid for best off-season flow.

Tent master

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