Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Bent But Not Broken

Links for your Wednesday.

Mark Borowiecki injured, play continues, Avalanche score goal | On the Forecheck
How long is too long to leave an injured player in the path of a piece of vulcanized rubber moving at up to 100 MPH, just in case they're faking it? Shaun has some thoughts after last night's game.

32 Thoughts: Oilers making serious attempt to get Evander Kane |
Are the Oilers...okay? Existentially?

Canada announces women’s hockey 2022 Olympic roster | The Ice Garden
Canada is likely going to be out for blood.

Evgeni Malkin collects 2 goals, assist in winning season debut for Pittsburgh Penguins | ESPN
Simultaneously had the emotions of "Malkin is back already?" and "Malkin was out?", which feels like an accurate description of the state of the Penguins' roster at any given time.

7 Maple Leafs Takeaways: Toronto should be aggravated by blown leads |
Has anyone told them this? I'm not sure anyone has told them this.

Logan Couture dodges fake octopus, nets San Jose Sharks an OT win over Detroit Red Wings | ESPN
The Red Wings fan who threw that octopus is either feeling superstiously foolish or wishing their aim had been just a little better.

Tuukka Rask inks contract with Boston Bruins… and Bud Light?? | RMNB
He couldn't have held out for better beer?

Five players snubbed by the PHF’s All-Star picks | The Ice Garden
There's generally a good all-snubs team to be assembled for anything like this; TIG's Angelica Rodriguez takes a look at some of the best players left off the roster (so far--there's still a fan vote).

Former NHL off-ice officials allege they were fired for being whistle-blowers on racism |
This is...not a good look for the NHL, at all.

New York Islanders coach Barry Trotz placed in COVID-19 protocol | ESPN
Get well soon.