Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Blinded By The Light

Revved up like Duchene, another center on the ice

Nashville Predators News

2018-2019 Nashville Predators Player Reviews: Yannick Weber | On the Forecheck
Yannick Weber, another of the Preds’ rotating bottom pair, played hockey this season — And once again Bobby is here to provide an awesome recap.

FOX Sports Tennessee to televise 71 Predators games during 2019-20 NHL season | FOX Sports
Willy Daunic, Chris Mason, Kara Hammer, Lyndsay Rowley and Terry Crisp return to the broadcast team.

On The Forecheck’s own Eric Dunay’s draft rankings finish fifth!
Colin Cudmore tracked SIXTY different draft rankings and then went back and analyzed to see who was most accurate, and our boy (and my internet son) finished fifth with an astounding 83% accuracy. He’s the best in the business, y’all.

2019-09-21 Tampa Bay at Nashville - Bryan Bastin | Tableau Public
My game summary charts have returned with a complete makeover from last season.  I’ll be posting them at each intermission if I’m available; otherwise, they’ll posted shortly after the game has ended. You can find them on my twitter or directly at my Tableau page (each game will have its own charts)—

News from around the NHL

Blues acquire Faulk in deal with Hurricanes
The Blues acquired defender Justin Faulk from the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday and signed him to a seven-year contract extension. Once again, Carolina has fleeced a team and to add insult to injury, the Blues gave Faulk $6.5 million a year—an amount he’s definitely not worth.

Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews was charged with disorderly conduct, disruptive behaviour in Arizona | The Star
This is a sensitive topic, and not one to be taken lightly. People need to be better in these types of situations—what is harmless to you may not be to another.

Brock Boeser and Fantenberg enter concussion protocol
After the hit he endured in the last game, there’s no reason it should’ve taken this long for an announcement.

ECHL Rule Change to Penalize Fighting
This is a good change, one that matches a similar policy in the AHL.

2019 #RITSAC Slides and Video | Hockey Graphs
This is a fantastic resource and incredibly interested for anyone interested in analytics (or even NOT in analytics—there's something about getting better with trivia!) Here are the presenters and slides from the 2019 Sports Analytics Conference held at the Rochester Institute of Technology on September 14th. All videos are time-stamped, save for one which could not be recorded.

@IneffectiveMath (Micah Blake McCurdy) Releases New Team-Wide Hockey Visualizations
The amount of work that Dr. McCurdy does for the hockey community—a large majority of it free—is staggering, and even those who don’t know much (or care) about analytics can find something useful at