Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Buffalo Stampede

After a phenomenal road trip the Buffalo Sabers crushed Nashville's homecoming in overtime. One point will have to do.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Predators partner with Uber - Nashville Predators
If you've never been to Bridgestone or Nashville know that parking is horrible and Uber is your saving grace. Utilize this fam! Oh, and of course, stay safe.

Buffalo ends Predators win streak in overtime - The Tennessean
The Predators should expect a lot more from themselves when they score first and early. Disappointing ending to a promising start. Hopefully this won't become their new norm.

Meet the man who has sung the anthem at Predators games 165 times - The Tennessean
If you've ever been to a game at Bridgestone you've probably stood right by Dennis K Morgan and never realized who he was. He's become a real gem in Nashville.

Hockey News & Notes

2017 NHL All-Star Game Preview - SB Nation
All-Star weekend is upon us once again. Seriously, it's this weekend, did anyone else miss that memo?

What we learned the past week in the NHL - LA Times
"Prey no longer" Ouch. Not the type of headline the Predators want to be associated with. Sure it's kind of positive, but still a reality check that they have a long ways to go in the league.

Down Goes Brown: The oddest picks in NHL all-star history -
John Scott was proof that fans actually had a say, which is sad when you look at who they voted for in the central this year. You know who you are and what you did.

105-game losing streak weighs down Russian hockey team - Yahoo Sports
When your team loses after a hot streak just remember it could always be worse. A 105-game losing streak worse. How does that even happen?

Chinese Fans Are Slow To Warm Up To Ice Hockey : Parallels : NPR
I'm sure no one warmed up to curling right away when it was first introduced either.

NHL takeaways: Connor McDavid drawing penalties galore - NHL on CBC Sports
Cliff Notes: this is an article about Ryan Kesler, how bad Colorado is at hockey, St. Louis's goaltending woes, and Jack Eichel. Posted with a big photo of Connor McDavid and one sentence about how good he is at drawing penalties. That's how much Canada loves McDavid. They made an article about everyone but him, about him. Oy!

Alan Thicke patch, Snoop Dogg among NHL All-Star surprises - Yahoo Sports
Snoop Dogg is going to have more fun than anyone else this weekend, along with "what's left of Blink-182".

Mike Myers talks Stan Mikita's Donuts at NHL All-Star Game |
Alright creating Stan Mikita's Donuts is pretty cool. You got me there LA All Star Weekend! Now get me on a flight and take all my money!

NHL's Flawed Playoff System Failing the League Once Again -
HOT TAKE!!!!!!

If you need something to get the bitter taste of loss out of your mouth I'll leave you this gem ridiculousness. I have no idea what this song is actually about but I feel like it fits last night's game well. Confusing and slightly nauseating. If anyone sees Cowboy Troy tell him I have a lot of questions..and I want 4 minutes and 5 seconds of my life back.

Happy Wednesday. We still have Frosty's.