Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Bye Week Feelings

The Predators bye week is raging on, forcing us to mindlessly watch the rest of the league's drama unfold. On the bright side we can all score some sweet deals on candy today.

Does Predators GM David Poile have one more big deal in him? - The Tennessean
Is it March 1st yet?

Canadiens fire coach Michel Therrien -
It usually takes a team a little bit of time to replace their head coach, especially during the middle of the season, but not Montreal. They fired Therrien and announced that they rehired Claude Julien at the same time. A good ol' fashioned don't let the door hit ya for Therrien.

Former Canadiens enforcer Laraque throws shade at Therrien -
Therrien isn't having a good week.

NHL leads North American sports in midseason coach firings | FOX Sports
If you've been thinking that the NHL has fired more coaches in the middle of the season than any other're right. Here's an entire list of all coaches fired mid-season across all sports to compare.

End is near for Lindy Ruff with Dallas Stars - Puck Daddy
And the hits just keep coming. It's highly doubtful Ruff will be making a mid-season departure given the current state of the Stars, but as the list above points out, the NHL doesn't care what time it is.

Gary Bettman: NHL All-Star Game will return to Detroit - The Detroit News
The All-Star Game will return to Detroit...eventually, you know like when their new arena is actually done.

Here are five NHL trade rumors gaining steam as the March 1 deadline approaches -
Matt Duchene is apparently destined to wear gold.

One thing each NHL team needs in the second half of the season | FOX Sports
The Preds mention here is pretty accurate. The team needs to stay healthy. Staying healthy is the first step to staying consistent.

Why NHL overtimes are more common than ever - Chicago Tribune
Of course Chicago loves overtimes, they're really really good at them.

It’s time to talk about the NHL playoff format - Article - TSN
Don't we have this talk every year?

Send these hockey Valentine’s Day cards to your loved ones -
Valentine's Day may be over, but these hockey cards will be burned into your memory forever.