Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Change is Here

After weeks of radio silence, changes are finally upon the Nashville Predators.

Hockey News & Rants

Predators Hire Dan Lambert as Assistant Coach | NHL
While it’s felt like an eternity since the Preds last played hockey, there hasn’t been enough time to dull the painful memories of the power play. Luckily for us it seems like the team is already making moves to make sure we never have to endure another season of a power play so bad it makes grown humans weep daily.

Five helpful hints for would-be NHL traders during the Stanley Cup Final | USA Today
I’ve been ready for trade season since the last trade deadline. If the Bruins and the Blues could go ahead and wrap this final up so we can move on that would be swell.

Blue Jackets sign Veini Vehviläinen | NHL
Heyyyyy at least they signed someone!

Yeah...too soon?

Hall won’t be in rush to sign extension with Devils, agent says | NHL
I think that’s a standard agent response this time of year. I wouldn’t expect too much until the Stanley Cup Final is over and we inch closer to free agency. If we learned anything from Long Island and John Tavares it’s not to make any promises you have no idea if you can keep, because hockey fans remember everything.

Braden Holtby to Participate in Capital Pride Parade | NHL
Braden Holtby living his best life with or without the cup.

NHL draft prospects baffled by Ryan O’Reilly’s weird stick | ESPN
“In juniors, when I saw Ovechkin’s curve, I saw how much of a hook that was. It’s just a big hook,” he said. “I remember being obviously impressed with how he plays it.”

Ryan O’Reilly out here making Alex Ovechkin sound like he’s about a thousand years old.

McDavid ‘dying to play in the playoffs’ with Oilers | NHL
Isn’t every player not in the playoffs dying to play in the playoffs with their team?

I get the sentiment, but a staff change isn’t going to turn the Oilers around overnight. You would think they know how this works by now.

NHL Draft 2019: Jack Hughes ready for rest after busy year | NBC Sports
Enjoy your final summer vacation of being a normal...oh...wait...enjoy your vacation!

Reports: Chara’s jaw broken; Bruins eye options | ESPN
Zdeno Chára broke his jaw in Game 4 and came back. Not to draw a line in the sand, but if the Bruins don’t win this thing for Chára’s jaw they’re dead to me.

To be fair if they lose the Cup to St. Louis, they’re dead to me for the foreseeable future anyways.

Stanley Cup Final shows there’s still room for “heavy” hockey in NHL | Denver Post
This is such a double-edged sword. On the one side, yes, there will always be games where teams play a little heavier than others and it gives them the advantage. That’s not going to be the case every time. How many rounds have we witnessed heavy hitting teams destroying each other only to have the winner limp into the second round to be eliminated by injuries or running out of steam? Let the Blues and the Bruins be the exception here and not the standard.

And just because I’m petty and spiteful, they have to bring something to this matchup because otherwise the rest of us who don’t care either way would literally be bored to death.

O’Reilly relishing first trip to Stanley Cup Final with Blues | NHL
I really want to like O’Reilly, and from an unbiased standpoint I do...but why does he have to play for the Blues?

The hockey gods are cruel.

When should hockey teams pull the goalie? Study finds optimal time | Big Think
I have anxiety at any point during a game when the net is empty. That anxiety intensifies regardless of whose net is empty. My team is up by three and there’s no possible way they can lose, I still have an urge to chew my fingernails until the win is actually in the bag. My team is down by one and needs to tie this game to push over time...I’m pacing a hole through the floor and watching through my fingers.

You’re telling me that science says to pull the goalie with over six minutes left in the game knowing it could still go either way...I’m outside waiting for a smoke signal to tell me it’s over and the goalie is back in the crease where he belongs. Although six minutes gives more time if things go south and the opposing team gets an empty net goal, but at that point just put me and my time out of our misery.