Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Cold Front

Time to break out the parkas! That's a bit of a stretch but finally seeing temperatures below 70 in Nashville means fall is coming. October is coming. Hockey. Is. Coming.

Preds Previews: Mike Fisher - Nashville Predators - Features
I'm going out on a limb saying Mike Fisher wears the C this season and then happily and humbly retires next summer.

P.K. Subban Faces Fair Share Of Challenges With Predators -
It's going to take a lot more than a four-game slump or too much personality to rally a pitch fork mob against Subban. Seriously, Nashville loves this guy.

World Cup will help Capitals, Trotz says -
More like World Cup of the Washington Capitals. Half of Trotzy team is taking part in the tournament.

Under Pressure: Auston Matthews – ProHockeyTalk
"The logo will be the face of the franchise" Yeah, okay Toronto.

Which historical statistics best predict future scoring rates? - Article - TSN
Colin Wilson has single-handedly ruined the Predators' trust in future scoring predictions.

Full NHL goalie equipment change unlikely before 2017-18 - NHL on CBC Sports
Push back from the goalie community should be expected since, ya know, they get pucks shot at them all day. (Side note "Pants with a Chance" should have been the title of this video. Never. Forget.)

NHL 17 Producer on the Possibility of the Series Coming Back to PC - GameSpot
Do people still play games on a desktop PC?

Down Goes Brown: 12 NHL stars you just can't hate -
Some of these are pretty spot on, and some of them are just silly. Then there's this gem "Ryan Getzlaf: I'm honestly not sure if he's genuinely likable, or just seems that way because Corey Perry is always nearby." Dead.

Predators on Social Media

In-case you missed it...

Be honest, you weren't expecting that either.