Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Disassembled

The Stanley Cup is still up for grabs but all I want to do is talk about Endgame and Game of Thrones, so summer hibernation has officially begun.

Hockey News & Rants

Is It Time for the Nashville Predators to Trade a Defender? | On the Forecheck
We go through this every summer, but after a very unsettling season and a playoff run cut way too short, one has to assume talk of trading one of the big four will become more than just talk. We can’t say we have the best defensive core in the league when they’re not even performing at the Nashville standard.

No matter how much it hurts to see our top four dismantled, something has to give, and unfortunately it’s probably going to be one of them.

Now The Sharks Want An Apology From The NHL For A Controversial Call | Deadspin
Welcome to the club, San Jose! Pull up a chair, join us here at the table of bitter-over-missed-calls support group!

To be fair, I still think Toronto has a running list on a post-it note of dates they completely ruined Nashville and are just slowly crossing them off season by season hoping to make up for it.

This is the most brutal part of hockey: knowing a ref has completely blown the call, the ref knows they blew the call, and there is nothing that can be done about it. At least it’s not the Cup Final yet, if there has to be any silver lining.

Cale Makar's warp-speed journey from Hobey Baker to the Stanley Cup playoffs | ESPN
Nice little mention about Dante Fabbro making the jump from college hockey to the big show here as well.

Ezekiel Elliott Rushes to Kid Hit By Puck at NHL Playoff Game |
Football players living their best lives at hockey games is a reality TV show I didn’t know I wanted or needed in my life.

Hockey, love, and grief: Why we do this | Raw Charge
This resonated with me. I lost my father in December of 2017, smack dab in the middle of a hockey season. A lot of what got me through that was the friends and connections I’d met through the hockey community.

A lot of times you don’t get to know the people behind the blogs unless you follow them on social media or know them in real life. Sometimes it’s hard to get the message across that we’re just fans and people too when we’re trying to bring you the best content we know how. We may not always open up about our personal and emotional connections to the game, but it’s there and when someone reaches out on a personal level to let you know you’re not alone in those feelings it sticks with you.

Anders Lee doing everything but score for New York Islanders | Lighthouse Hockey
Honestly I was super stoked when the Islanders won the first round but now I’m indifferent.

Still pro Barry Trotz but...meh?

NHL Mock Draft 1.0 | Yahoo Sports
The hockey season is over for Nashville but at least we still have the draft to look forward to!

Sabres’ Dahlin really enjoyed his first NHL season | WGR 550
I mean, sure, his first NHL season—what’s not to like?

But...does he know he was playing for Buffalo?

Like it or not, NHL playoff parity is here and very real | Seattle Times
This is a fancy title for an article calling for a change to the playoff format...because all four division winners got embarrassed by a lesser team. And here I thought we would make it all four rounds before this came up again.

As a fan of sports in general I love a good underdog story. The scrappy little team that could, I dig it. I’ve lived it. I’ll be telling the story of Nashville Predators’ Cup run of 2017 long after they’ve actually won a Cup. If the best team in the league gets swept by a team that traded everything but the kitchen sink and still limped into the you really think that the number one team in the league really deserves to still be in the playoffs? Changing the format isn’t going to make teams play better, it’s not going to make players care more. I don’t honestly believe they care now, I think they’re just playing hockey and it is what it is.

Or maybe that’s just Nashville and I’m actually more bitter about their first-round exit than I thought I was? What were talking about again?

Yes, there is cheating in hockey | Columbus Dispatch
Ahh yes, the beautiful game.