Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Down Time

It might be time to start looking into some off-season hobbies.

Hockey News & Rants

The Nashville Predators Are Running Out of Time to Win It for Pekka Rinne | On the Forecheck
Rachel breaks down what it’s going to take for the Predators to get Pekka Rinne the ultimate prize, the Stanley Cup.

I’ve said it summer after summer, never count Rinne out, but the man has to retire sometime. Nashville really needs to dig deep to get him the trophy he deserves before time runs out.

Rumor: Nashville Predators interested in hiring assistant coach for power play | AtoZ Sports
I can’t imagine why not?

Too soon?

Whatever they decide to do, whoever they decide to hire at the end of the day needs to be ready to take everything the Preds know about the power play, burn it, and just start from scratch.

Hurricanes won’t reveal starting goalie for Game 3 against Bruins | NHL
This is fair. When you’re in the conference finals the last thing you want is to give away information you don’t have to.

Also, they probably want to protect both their goalies from being licked to death by Brad Marchand before the game even starts. He’s weird—stay safe Carolina!

From Long Shots to Party Crashers, the Underdog Hurricanes and Blues Have a Lot in Common | SI
The only party the Blues crashed was mine! Dallas is still dead to me.

I don’t see how at any point this season, except maybe in October, anyone counted the Blues out. I did, but that’s because I’m petty and I loathe them. The only long shot here was Carolina, don’t take that away from them. They’ve clawed their way to where they are.

Hughes has new on-ice look for 18th birthday at Worlds | NHL
“The fresh air hit my face, I feel like. Nice to put the visor on. It will be an adjustment but it’s obviously super nice.”

This is too precious for words.

At least he won’t be drafted to Buffalo...hopefully.

Shanahan signs six-year contract to remain Maple Leafs president | NHL
The Leafs have come a long way in the past few seasons. Well, other than that whole Nylander thing last year, but that probably could have been way worse. It’s no surprise Shanahan would want to stay.

Blues receiving production from entire lineup in playoffs | NHL
It’s that time of year where I have to find constructive things to say about teams I’d rather see relocated to Siberia than still in the playoffs.

The St. Louis Blues have...I can’t do it, I just can’t.

Cancel the NHL rulebook: The Stanley Cup playoffs’ weirdest controversies | ESPN
The NHL rulebook during the playoffs is just a wide-ruled composition notebook on fire until June. The flame only burns out when the Cup is won and then the actual rulebook re-emerges from the ashes like a phoenix.

Kesler unlikely to play for Ducks next season after surgery on right hip | NHL
I don’t like Ryan Kesler. The blood feud between Nashville and Anaheim is 85% his doing. That being said, and I do mean this in the most respectful way possible, is it time for Kesler to just...retire? For his own health and his family if nothing else.

He would be 36 by the time he returned to the game in 2020-2021. And I’m no medical expert but having “hip resurfacing” doesn’t sound like a treat at that age, or any age. Sure, Pekka Rinne bounced back after hip surgery and then a nasty hip infection, but he was several years younger than Kesler at the time, and there will always be those that argue Rinne has never been the same since. I mean they’re wrong but that’s another rant for another time.

That’s a hard call for any player. I respect Anaheim for supporting his decision, but with their team currently in the shape they’re in one has to wonder how they’ll feel once October rolls around. I will be curious to see if they stand pat with Kesler or go the route of the Chicago Marian Hossa contract and try to offload Kesler to another team to clear cap space? I hope that’s not how it turns out. I like a well-rounded ending for my villains as much as I do my heroes.

‘Play Gloria!’ Blues celebration song has Philly bar origins | USA Today
St. Louis really is the worst.