Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Ebbs and Flows

I know we have to respect the hockey season cycle, but if someone could give us something outside of the Cup Final to talk about...some of us are bored.

Hockey News & Rants

Summer Wish List for the Nashville Predators & the NHL | On the Forecheck
We’ve got some time until decisions have to be made, but it’s never too early to start thinking about what direction you’d like to see the team go in. Eric has some bold ideas to give the Preds some edge.

Prospect Kakko to pass on scouting combine | ESPN
If I was a number two overall pick in the draft and I just won a gold medal for my country, I think I’d be skipping the combine too.

NHL players' solutions to replay review controversies | ESPN
It’s weird to find myself agreeing with Brad Marchand...but here we are. The league has to go all-in with reviews or get rid of them completely. Whoever determined that only certain plays could be reviewed obviously didn’t realize the chaos it was going to cause or didn’t care. It definitely needs to be overhauled because it’s obviously frustrating everyone.

NHL commissioner reacts to missed hand pass at end of Sharks’ Game vs. Blues | NBC Sports
Wait, didn’t this happen like a week ago? I’m not sure why his head exploded. Clearly we see how that hand pass worked out for the Sharks in the long run.

On the flip side, at least the commish realizes it’s time for a change.

Tippett hired by Oilers as coach | NHL
Oilers updating everything but the arena sinks!

Or are they? Is anyone else getting arena upgrades every summer or is it just Bridgestone?

How one NHL game turned Lil Nas X into a hockey fan | SportsNet
I’ve never listened to “Old Town Road” and it’s only because of this article I can connect Lil Nas to said song if it ever comes up in a round of trivia at some point in my life.

As a hockey fan, I get what the league is trying to do competing with the spectacles of the NFL and NBA, but as a music fan, I have so many questions.

Who asked for “Country/Trap” music? Was there a meeting? A ballot? An online poll? Why do I feel like all of them would have taken place on the rooftop of Florida Georgia Line’s bar? Does it even have a rooftop bar?

This is how Wikipedia spirals start.

NHL, Ticketmaster announce 10-year partnership extension | NHL
Cool, too bad Ticketmaster is the worst. If they’re really going towards mobile ticketing overall what do they need all that extra money in fees for? Handling fees? What are you handling? Are you crawling through the digital space of the World Wide Web personally to make sure my ticket makes it to my phone? How did this $60 ticket suddenly become the same cost as a down payment on a trip to Disney World?

Krug’s old-school helmetless shift may be among NHL’s last | Concord Monitor
“I’m sure my coach and my GM were hoping that I would just get off the ice at that point,” Krug said. “But that’s hockey.”

It’s 2019—why are we not calling plays dead or forcing players to go to the bench when they lose their helmets? Additionally, if a player gets his helmet ripped off by another player why is that not a penalty? We’re entering an era where head injuries are becoming harder to overlook because science is advancing and former players are tired of the long-term repercussions being ignored. You would think small changes like simple helmet rules would help that transition go a little more smoothly instead of the league just pretending it’s not happening.

NHL Players’ Blue-Collar Financial Adviser Tends Economic Goals | Bloomberg
“I am going to tell them not to spend $250,000 on a car.’’

I think that’s good advice for anyone, but also probably why most NHL players aren’t going M.C. Hammer broke before they’re 30.

Recap: Weber returns to fine form | NHL
My loyalties may be with Nashville, but #6 on my roster and in my heart will always be Shea Weber.

[Video] Puck Personality: Burger Toppings | NHL
When did avocado on a burger become a thing?

Why does Claude Giroux look like this is a life or death question?

Jonathan Toews should maybe just make an omelet.