Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Embrace The Journey

We still have a few games left before the hockey-less summer sets in. Embrace it before the real sadness begins.

Hockey News & Rants

NHL will have third jerseys for 2018-19 season | Second City Hockey
The third jersey is making its return to the NHL! They’re saying about a 3rd of the league will get one, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Nashville won’t be one of those teams.

Caps' Tom Wilson escapes suspension for late hit on Marchessault | CBC Sports
Seriously, how has this guy not been kicked out of the league already? I can’t even Google the NHL without a Tom Wilson “should be suspended for this hit” story popping up after every playoff game.

NHL - What to expect from the 2018 NHL scouting combine, including a look at events, former top performers and the Wingate test
It’s that time of year again, the scouting begins!

Stanley Cup Final 2018: A history of Lil Jon's NHL fandom | NHL | Sporting News
If you’ve ever wondered why Lil Jon is a hockey fan, you’re in luck...a complete history.

NHL commish: Seattle would get Vegas’ favorable expansion terms | The Denver Post
Oh Gary, it’s like you enjoy the pitchfork mob glow following you around all the time.

Was game rigged? No, Bettman says NHL needed Knights to be competitive | Toronto Sun
I hate to break it to the Commish, but Vegas winning or losing is not going to stop the boos. It’s just not.

Eagles' Chris Long trolls rabid hockey fans on Twitter, gets mauled | PhillyVoice
Who is Chris Long and why would he put himself in this kind of danger?

2018 Stanley Cup Final - Why Game 1 between Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals was peak hockey - NHL
Isn’t every Stanley Cup Final game peak hockey though?

2018 Stanley Cup Final: Capitals' Barry Trotz among former Predators | The Tennessean
I want to say I’d be happy with James Neal finally getting a Cup, but deep down I know I’m lying to myself.

If he can’t win the Cup with us he can’t win the Cup with anyone!

Just kidding, but come on, does anyone not want to see Trotzy win the Cup before he more than likely gets the boot from Washington?

2017-18 Player Reviews: Mike Fisher | On the Forecheck
In hindsight I liked the storyline of Fisher coming out of retirement to win the Cup way more than I actually liked the idea of Fisher coming out of retirement to play hockey again. It wasn’t terrible, but in the long run it was all just...meh.

The NHL Releases a Series With Wayne Gretzky in an Expansion of Its Original Programming | Adweek
We live in a world where an article about Wayne Gretzky has a byline about Snoop Dogg. It’s been a weird season.

NHL’s Top 10 UFAs of 2018: The best defencemen available | SportsNet
I’m sure there is an entire backlog of hot takes ready and waiting for which of these guys might end up in Nashville.

Embrace The Spectacle Of Stupid Fun Hockey | Deadspin
Seriously, embrace it, there really is no party like a Stanley Cup Final party no matter who is playing.