Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Finally! A Preds Game!

I know...I can't believe it, either. Hopefully they've used the time to figure out a way to beat the seemingly unbeatable Avalanche. The puck drops at 8:30...join us in the game thread, won't you?

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators with families face challenges on long road trip | The Tennessean

They should've brought 'em along for the first week or so.

Smashville 24/7 - Jones making case for Olympic team

I thought this was ridiculous two months ago. Now...not so much.

NHL Celebrity Crush - YouTube

Seth Jones has a crush on...

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL power rankings: Colorado takes the top spot -

Can we knock 'em down a bit tonight?

Varlamov says his personal life ‘shouldn’t interfere’ with hockey | ProHockeyTalk

You know what? If you stop beating people (allegedly), nobody will ask you about it. Problem solved.

Was Steve Downie traded because he hit Gabriel Landeskog in training camp? | Puck Daddy

The Avs could only tolerate him knocking out opposing players. Makes sense.

Martin Brodeur would consider waiving his no-trade clause | Puck Drunk Love

To Nashville?

Evaluating the Seguin Trade One Month In - Defending Big D

It's tough to combine "Dallas" and "winner", but I think it applies here.

Another shootout loss for Sharks - SFGate

You're supposed to collapse in the playoffs, guys...not early November.

In Defense of Making Ray Emery a "Star of the Game" on Friday | Backhand Shelf

Here's my doesn't matter who the "3 Stars" are. At all.

Five Huge NHL Moves You've Probably Forgotten - Grantland

LOVE #2.

The best Olympic hockey jerseys? Slovakia, of course - Sporting News

"The best"? How about "least horrible". Seems more appropriate.

Hockey History, as Documented by Prime Minister -

Great. Now our president is gonna want to write a book, too.

VIDEO: QMJHL Coach Throws His Players' Sticks All Over the Ice - SportsPickle | SportsPickle

A totally reasonable reaction to whatever it was that happened just before this.

Middle School Football Coach Fired For Planning Team Dinner At Hooters-Deadspin

It turns out that some people...not all, but some...think Hooters isn't a family-friendly restaurant.