Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Game of Hockey

We win and we know things, that's what we do.

In the game of hockey you either win or you die lose and in the month of November the Predators won, and they won a lot. Nashville may never be the kings in the North (because that's not a real thing in the NHL) but they might just be proving themselves as real contenders for the Iron Throne Stanley Cup.

If you miss Game of Thrones as much as I do and are tired of my terrible references just watch this introduction video Colorado put together last night. It's the only thing they won last night. #YeahThankYou

Brace yourself positive Nashville Predators news is coming...

Hockey News & Notes

Predators defeat Avalanche 5-3 - The Tennessean
Rejoice, we're finally seeing the team we were promised. The team that was chosen...uh yeah...anyways...the Preds are looking good. Carry on.

Avalanche seek revenge against banged-up Predators | FOX Sports
Apparently they missed the beating the defending Stanley Cup champions while also battling food poisoning episode.

What We Learned: Inside the Predators' road to ruin - Puck Daddy
The "road to ruin" ended on a high note for the Predators and hopefully these road struggles are behind them.

Predators owner eyes four locations for new ice rinks - Nashville Business Journal
Remember when they said Nashville would never be a hockey city?

Penguins GM: Two-goalie system 'hasn't worked … as well as I thought it would' - Yahoo Sports
This has to be an awkward situation for the Penguins. The two-goalie system has not worked out well for them. That's not to say it will fail for all teams, but it's something the Predators seem to be speculating with Juuse Saros and Pekka Rinne. Hopefully when the time comes for Rinne to bow out, it's done gracefully.

NHL Playoff Picture Early Look: Who Stays, Who Goes -
Edmonton is out and Nashville is in, and all was right in the world again.

What The NHL Really Means To Las Vegas - Forbes
I'm not sure a professional team will be enough to off-set years un-sightly tales of debauchery in the desert, but I see their point.

NHL embraces Movember, but who did it best? - NHL on CBC Sports
Adam McQuaid is a dead ringer for Matt Dillion in There's Something About Mary.

Now enjoy your Wednesday...