Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Go For Gold

Three in a row would make Thanksgiving that much sweeter.

Hockey News & Rants

Are the Nashville Predators Right to Scratch Kyle Turris? | On the Forecheck
In-case you missed it, yesterday was Turris Tuesday here at OTF. Our staff dug into one of the most perplexing player situations to happen in Nashville since...well, since Matt Duchene was still the white whale no one thought David Poile would ever land.

Bobby takes a look at Kyle Turris’s season so far, and if scratching him actually makes sense.

The Nashville Predators' Self-Inflicted Kyle Turris Situation | On the Forecheck
Meanwhile Eric takes a look on what the situation with Turris means from a leadership, asset management, and admitting mistakes perspective.

An Open Letter to Kyle Turris | On the Forecheck
Lastly, Shaun writes an open letter to Turris, summarizing what a lot of the Predators’ fanbase are feeling right now.

Predators pounce on Blues again, finish them off in shootout | St. Louis Post-Dispatch
On a lighter note, let’s revel one last time in our back-to-back victory over the defending Cup Champions.

Arvy. Avenged.

Now...let’s go beat Vegas.

4 NHL Coaches On The Hot Seat After Mike Babcock Firing | Forbes
I said a few months ago that it didn’t make sense to me why NHL coaching positions are a revolving door of old guys who are consistently fired and rehired. Given the bombshells (we’ll get to that in a bit) that have been dropped the past few days, the league needs a shake up from the ground up.

No one’s job should be safe until the culture in the league isn’t so toxic.

NHL superstar roundtable: Can hockey players be anonymous? Who has the league’s best flow? | ESPN
The most important part of this roundtable is that the Canadians have spoken and “Eh” is the most Canadian “saying” of all time.

It is known. we were.

NHL looking into ‘repugnant’ allegations of racism concerning Calgary Flames coach | Washington Post
Fire Bill Peters into the sun right next to Don Cherry. It’s almost 2020; there is no room for any of this in sports, let alone in a league that’s already plagued with a million other issues.

This goes back to my revolving door of coaches...firing and sending them to another team doesn’t change who they are as people, as coaches—it changes their scenery. It doesn’t fix the problem if they are the problem, it passes the toxicity on to the next city and it spreads. No one wins in these situations, not the players, not the organizations, and definitely not the fans.

Seriously...can I be the Commissioner now, or....

How the Penguins have become one of NHL’s best defensive teams | NBC Sports
Hmmmmm, have they, though....

No really, have they? I tend to block out anything Penguins related like a Twitter mute filter.

[Ed.: I didn’t believe it either, but they have.]

NHL Power Rankings: What Should Each Team Be Thankful for? | Sports Illustrated
Nashville is thankful for Juuse Saros. That’s true.

We’ll be even more thankful when this dreadful month is over and the team gets back to the Nashville hockey we all know and love.

NHL Power Rankings: Islanders streak pushes them to top, Maple Leafs have new life | CBS Sports
“Thankful that they’ll be able to save money on presents because both of their goalies switched over to the Naughty list.”

These Power Ranking lists are on opposite ends of the spectrum. One loves Nashville goaltending, the other wants to give Saros and Pekka Rinne coal for Christmas.

Isn’t hockey great?