Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Hats Off

It was a good day and night in Smashville.

Hockey News & Rants

Nashville Predators 3, Chicago Blackhawks 0: Nick Bonino’s Hat Trick Seals Win in Pekka Rinne’s Shutout of Hawks | On the Forecheck
My favorite part of Nick Bonino scoring a hat trick was getting to watch all the sad Blackhawks fans sitting around me soak up the fact that Nick Bonino scored a hat trick against their team.


It’s the little things.

ICYMI: Nashville Predators’ Halloween Costumes | On the Forecheck
This team is low key hilarious.

Nashville Predators & Captain Roman Josi agree to 8-year, $9.059M AAV extension with NMC | On the Forecheck
They paid the man!


Roman Josi is here for the long haul, folks. He even got David Poile to give him a full NMC. That’s more surprising than the signing and the money, to be honest.

Power Rankings: Sizzling offense puts Predators on the rise | Yahoo Sports
I say again for those in the back...Nick Bonino scored a hat trick against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Depth, y’all.

Sizzling offensive depth.

Brent Seabrook unhappy about being out of lineup for Blackhawks: ‘I feel like I still got a lot to offer’ | NBC Sports
We all know the Blackhawks made some terrible contract decisions, they know it, they’ve done everything they can to work around it, and it’s just not working. Now the players are suffering—if they’re not traded to Arizona they’re healthy-scratched into oblivion.

You hate to see it.

And I really mean that.

[Video] Hurricanes’ Andrei Svechnikov brings lacrosse-style goal to NHL with sick highlight | CBS Sports

How did he...


Just wow.

NHL Rumors: Ottawa Senators, New York Islanders, and the Edmonton Oilers | NHL Trade Rumors
There’s nothing like a good trade rumor before November even starts.

Ovechkin says Maple Leafs need to ‘play differently’ in order to win Cup | NHL
I’m not saying Alex Ovechkin knows everything about winning the Cup, but I’d give what he has to say some consideration.

For whatever reason, when Ovechkin retires, I want him to become the Mr. Miyagi of the NHL. I want this more than I care to admit.

NHL players are paid like other major pro athletes — and ticket sales cover those wages | Seattle Sun Times
Numbers-wise, yes the salaries are comparable, but the way the NHL makes money is in no way comparable to the NFL or the NBA, as noted.

Fans don’t want to hear that they’re paying upwards of $16,000 a season just to pay players’ salaries. Especially where Seattle is concerned. That’s a lot of money to throw at an expansion team that could be the next Las Vegas Golden Knights, or could be relocated in a few years.

Don’t trust anyone over 30 (to win the NHL scoring title) | CBC
“But hockey is more of a young man’s game than you might think.”

Don’t tell Nick Bonino’s hat trick about this.

Somewhere Alex Ovechkin wants to score 100 goals and he doesn’t know why.

Meanwhile Jaromír Jágr just committed to playing hockey until he’s 65.

NHL tweets that Captain, the Capitals puppy, won Hockey Halloween with his costumes | RMNB
How did we even hockey before NHL puppies?