Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: If You Build It...

It’s the NHL Draft, rebuild, questionable contracts, and unreasonable trades time of year again.

Hockey News & Rants

Predators Add Scuderi, Bordeleau, Rook to Hockey Operations Staff | NHL
There’s no time like right before the NHL Draft to switch up your development staff.

148th Overall: 5th-Round Options for the Nashville Predators | On the Forecheck
Eric is back at it, bringing you the breakdown for who the Predators should select in the fifth round.

Predators looking for best player with 24th overall pick in NHL Draft | The Tennessean
There’s a lot of talent to go in the first round, and it’s been a while since the Preds have had a first-round pick. So long, in fact, I didn’t even realize we actually had one. I can’t imagine David Poile trading that away, but I think it all depends on whatever trades he might be working, or any UFA’s he’s entertaining.

Whatever they decide to do if they keep the pick, taking a defender or a forward will open up all kinds of trade speculation for the rest of the summer.

NHL Draft 2019: The Hughes family, the Rangers’ rebuild and other storylines to watch at the draft | CBS Sports
The real question is, how long do we think it will take the Rangers to rebuild?

Trouba trade highlights Rangers’ brilliant rebuild | NBC Sports
Well, that sheds a little light on my previous question. This is a good move for the Rangers, and it moves a big defender off the Jets and out of the Western Conference. Not so great for the Jets, but really great for teams like Nashville who go to war with those guys season after season.

Atlantic Division team draft needs | NHL
Apparently everyone needs some offense. Who is hoarding all the offense? Regardless, the Atlantic can get in line, because I know of another team that could benefit heavily from developing a high-caliber scoring forward.

NHL Draft 2019: Auston Matthews and Patrick Kane among top five American-born No. 1 picks in NHL Draft history | CBS Sports
It’s that time of year where I’m constantly reminded that Auston Matthews is actually American and not Canadian.

He’s so Toronto now you’d never know.

[Ed.: Excuse you, he's from Arizona!]

Hart Trophy winner debated by | NHL
Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid, and Nikita Kucherov...because we just can’t get enough of the Crosby vs McDavid debate? Why is the NHL doing this to us?

Give it to Kucherov; after the season he had giving it to Crosby or McDavid would just be petty and feeding a greatest of all time rivalry that literally no one asked for and no one cares about. The stats don’t lie—Kucherov was the better player by far, finishing 12 points ahead of McDavid. This should be a slam dunk for him.

Erik Karlsson deal with Sharks sets table for busy NHL off-season | CBC Sports
The Sharks went all the way in with Erik Karlsson. If this means Joe Pavelski is available I’ll entertain the idea of him coming to Nashville. He’s 34 years old and scored 38 goals this season. Nashville could do much worse! Team Pavs, you can @ me.

It’s hard to see P.K. Subban coming up in these trade talks so often now. Given what Nashville gave up to get him, and how quickly they’re willing to part ways, it seems like his time here will be written off as a failure, which is hardly fair. I like to think it will come down to cap space being the issue and Poile not being able to make it work given the current state of the offense and players he still needs to re-sign.

Bruins endorse Backes after he’s healthy scratch in Stanley Cup Final | NHL
I’m still amazed that people actually think an organization is going to single out a player and point the blame at them. Even if they were going to, it wouldn’t be some brutal shake-down that Boston fans might think he deserves. That’s not how professional sporting organizations work. They’re going to stand by their players no matter what.

Win or lose. Ride or die. Texas Forever, you know how this show ends.

NHL Draft Rumors: Nikolaj Ehlers being shopped on an active trade market, per report | CBS Sports
Firstly...LOL Vegas.

Secondly...what even is Winnipeg doing?

Gudas ‘a little bit shocked’ by trade to Capitals from Flyers | NHL
To be fair, I think everyone is probably just a “little bit shocked” when they’re traded. Even if they know it’s coming, the actual trade and the logistics and what not has to be a bit jarring.