Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Leftovers

I hope everyone enjoys their leftover duck they packed for lunch.

Hockey News & Rants

Nashville Predators 6, Anaheim Ducks 1 Recap 10/22/19: Big Pekka Energy | On the Forecheck
It was Pekka Rinne’s world and the Ducks were just living in it...because Pekka allowed them to.

They’re welcome.

Milwaukee Admirals Musings: Three in Three | On the Forecheck
Eric and Rachel are checking in on Milwaukee and their grueling schedule.

Josi, Arvidsson lead Predators to 6-1 win over Ducks | The Tennessean
Pay Roman yesterday.

Nashville Predators: Why fans should be excited about Kyle Turris | AtoZ Sports
We here at OTF are this close to becoming a Kyle Turris appreciation blog, and we all hope that they’ll stop trying to trade him away!

Predators mailbag: What's next for Philip Tomasino? Trade for a defenseman? | The Tennessean
It's been said at some point, in every game so far this season, that something has to be done about the third pairing. Sooner rather than later would be nice.

Carlson scores twice, fails to tie Capitals record in win against Flames | NHL
It’s not fair how scary good the Capitals are. players poll: Barkov of Panthers most underrated | NHL
I would argue the Panthers as a whole are underrated. I wouldn’t ignore them, they have all the potential to be a sleeper team.

Sticker shock aside, NHL Seattle is banking on fans paying big to watch its team in person | The Seattle Times
Honestly I’m not surprised, but sticker shock is an understatement. These prices are ridiculous. Why do people live in Seattle, again? From what I gather it’s just expensive and rains a lot.

Bruins need to avoid Cup loss hangover, Bourque says | NHL
Cup loss hangover is a thing, Nashville knows.

Flyers remain one of NHL’s biggest mysteries | NBC Sports
Have you seen their mascot? I think they’re fine with being a mystery.

Space Needle time capsule includes NHL Seattle’s final five name choices | NBC Sports
I gotta know!! What are the final five?!?! This is the only part of the expansion draft that doesn’t hurt (too much), please don’t take it away from us.

Bishop, family ‘all good’ after home is damaged by tornado in Dallas | NHL
I’m glad everyone is okay, and good on Jamie Benn for not hesitating to go to his teammate’s aid. That’s what being teammates is all about.

The NHL’s best and worst this week: Are new sticks to blame for shot-blocking injuries? | ESPN
There is absolutely nothing a stick can do to save you if you’re blocking a shot from Shea Weber. You’re just doomed. New sticks or old, it’s not going to end well.