Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Lightning Crashes

We’ve been here before.

Hockey News & Rants

Nashville Predators 2, Tampa Bay Lightning 3 (OT): Kyle Turris Played in this Game | On The Forecheck
Kyle Turris found his way back into the lineup, but the Predators couldn’t find the win in overtime.

I still won’t take back anything I’ve said about Tampa Bay.

I won’t.

Kyle Turris: Predators can trade him, play him, buy him out | The Tennessean
After the night Kyle Turris had his trade value may be up, but I honestly think he’s here to stay.

At least for a little while longer.

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews called hit on Arvidsson "horsesh-t" | The Tennessean
Um...did Jonathan Toews just become an honorary Nashville Predator?

I stan for Toews.

NHL Awards Watch: The Connor McDavid vs. Leon Draisaitl debate continues | ESPN
Pekka Rinne may be out of the running for Vezina after what may have been the most depressing November in Nashville hockey (for the whole team, let’s be honest) in a long time. However, I never count Rinne out...never.

NHL Power Rankings: Bruins back to being unstoppable, Devils need to blow up their rebuild | CBS Sports
The Preds are in the middle of the pack, and if there has to be a silver lining at least they’re not Detroit...or New Jersey...or LA.

On the downside if Nashville doesn’t get it together, people will be saying that about them soon.

BREAKING: Devils fire John Hynes; Who’s taking over as coach? |
Are any of us really surprised?

Devils can’t get win for new coach Alain Nasreddine | New York Post
New Jersey appointed Alain Nasreddine as interim head coach, but the Devils still lost to Las Vegas.

Yeah...New Jersey is having a hard time.

N.H.L. Takeaways: 3 Moves That Reflect a Cultural Shift in the Sport | New York Times
I’ve been saying it for a while now, the league has to change. It’s unfortunate that it takes these dark situations coming to light to force those changes to happen, but at least they’re happening.

Akim Aliu says ‘big change coming’ after meeting with NHL | SportsNet
I hope the league does right by Akim Aliu, and uses what happened to him as a wake up call that the league and the culture in hockey is archaic. If the league wants to move forward they have to start making changes, and that starts with making sure their players are safe.

And maybe break that revolving door of coaches. Sometimes firing a coach should mean a career change, not a scenery change.

TRAIKOS: Iron-fisted, old-school coaches being driven from NHL | Toronto Sun
There is a huge difference between being a tough coach and being abusive. There’s not even a fine line between the two. Any coach who thinks there is a fine line should probably find a new job.

Stajan retires from hockey, played 14 seasons in NHL | NHL
Fourteen season in the NHL is impressive. I’m exhausted thinking about just watching fourteen games.

Vegas Golden Knights Announce Roster Transactions | Vegas Golden Knights
It’s that uh...”transaction” time of year again.