Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Match Set

All my teams have let me down.

Hockey News & Rants

I have zero interest in this final. I hope Boston wins it but so far all my teams have failed me this season, so what’s one more? Give me Brad Marchand antics if nothing else.

I stand by my previous statements...St. Louis is the worst.

Predicting Roman Josi’s contract extension with the Nashville Predators | AtoZ Sports
Yes, let’s talk about extending Roman Josi and not trading him away along with the rest of your roster this summer.

NHL Rumors: The Nashville Predators Are Considering Changes | NHL Rumors
But... let’s also talk about rumors because the off-season is miserable and long, so we might as well just steer straight into the skid and speculate widely.

Off-Season Watch: Time for change in Music City? | TSN
On the bright side, at least Nashville isn’t the only team looking to make some big changes this summer.

Rangers looking forward to eventful offseason | NHL
How many “eventful” off-seasons will it take to get the Rangers back in form?

Honestly, they should just go full Columbus and trade everything and the kitchen sinkand see how it pans out.

What do they have to lose?

De Haan could miss start of next season for Hurricanes  | NHL
Well, that’s not what you want to see. That’s a long time to be out, but hopefully he’ll recover quickly so the Hurricanes can continue on their way. I’d like to see them continue to be a bunch of jerks come October.

Memorial Cup: What we learned | NHL
Everything you missed during the Memorial Cup. You can also catch up with everything Memorial Cup with Eric’s preview over here.

Canadiens standardize their home game start times | NHL
This isn’t a bad idea. There’s nothing more frustrating than a late start time on a weekday in your home arena. Now if only somehow we can convince the league to do this during the playoffs.

7 NHL teams staring into the infernos of salary cap hell | SportsNet
For the first time in years, the Blackhawks don’t even crack the top ten. What a time to be alive!

Meanwhile...whoa...Vegas...uh...good luck?