Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Meanwhile

Finding new sports to care about until October should be a sport of its own.

Hockey News & Rants

2018-2019 Nashville Predators Player Report Cards: Ryan Ellis | On the Forecheck
While I wouldn’t say Ryan Ellis had a phenomenal season, I think he did pretty well for himself considering the previous season and injuries he was bouncing back from.

For me Ellis has always been an under-the-radar powerhouse. I think he’s underestimated because of his size and I think he’s learned to use that to his advantage. With P.K. Subban gone, Ellis is going to have to step up and get his game to the level we know he’s all capable of playing. This season should be good for him.

Video: Take A Tour of Ford Ice Center Bellevue | NHL
Look at that, the Bellevue center is almost complete. It honestly feels like they just broke ground a few weeks ago. It looks good!

Hockey still looks good on you, Nashville!

Update on UND’s proposed hockey game in Nashville | Grand Forks Herald
While a formal announcement has yet to be made, sources say the game is still on track to take place at Bridgestone Arena in October 2020.

Again...all hockey still looks good on you, Nashville!

When adding staffers, NHL Seattle must navigate complex minefield with those currently under contract elsewhere | The Daily World
That’s the expansion life, Seattle!

I’m not sure how they thought this was going to go. Did they expect a bunch of highly coveted NHL staff members to sign HAGS in their former teams’ yearbooks and hang out playing video games until it was time for the expansion draft?

Russ Conway, writer who took down NHLPA's Alan Eagleson, dies at 70 | USA Today
“The Hockey Hall of Fame kicked Eagleson out and gave Conway its Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award in 1999 for bringing honor to journalism and hockey.”

It’s writers like Conway who remind us the importance of hard-working and good sports writers and journalists.

Sharks’ biggest threats to winning Stanley Cup: 2021 NHL Expansion Draft | NBC Sports

Literally every team in the NHL’s biggest threat to winning the Stanley Cup: The 2021 NHL Expansion Draft.

The NHL’s All-Decade Awards: MVP, best and worst trades, and more | ESPN
Henrik Lundqvist takes the Vezina but Pekka Rinne gets a runner-up mention alongside Sergei Bobrovsky and Carey Price. I don’t think Rinne could ask for better company.

Barrie is key piece Maple Leafs needed, Muzzin says | NHL
Meanwhile, Mitch Marner still doesn’t have a contract...

Marner asks to train in Switzerland if no contract from Maple Leafs | NHL
And he’s making plans as if he won’t have a contract before training camp rolls around. Did no one learn anything from the William Nylander contract standoff of 2018?

Hockey news has been hard to come by since free agency. To pass the time I’ve been learning about rugby to fill the hockey void in my life. Specifically, the All Blacks from New Zealand which has nothing to do with the fact that they wear all black and give me jersey envy. They’re also known for performing the Haka before every match. As you might imagine when watching international sports at weird hours it leads to a lot of YouTube spirals, such spirals lead me to New Zealand hockey...

New Zealand hockey players do the Haka with ice knives strapped to their feet. I’m not saying I’m moving to New Zealand but if they need a hockey blogger I’ll bust out those flight miles!

Is it October yet?