Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Montreal First to Advance

What&#39;s the Canadian word for &quot;broom&quot;? Whatever, it doesn&#39;t really matter. I was kind of rooting for Tampa here, but it will be <a href=""><strong>Canada Man</strong></a> who advances, and <a href=""><strong>Florida M

Nashville Predators News

Predators quietly enter second week of coaching search- The Tennessean

I guess I sort of agree with this list. I don't think it will be Phil Housley, though.

Ryan Ellis Takes The Next Step-Predlines

He had a very solid year, no doubt.

Smashville 24/7 - Milwaukee starts playoffs Friday

Who's this Forsberg guy everyone is talking about?

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Marchand on skeptics: ‘That’s why they’re on Twitter and I’m in the NHL’ | ProHockeyTalk


Kings' playoff performance could mark end of era -

Break 'em up.

Alex Ovechkin and the KHL? Medvedev ponders Kovalchuk path | Puck Daddy

"A person scored 51 goals this season, none of his competition was even close to that mark. To blame him for everything, saying that because of him the team didn’t make the playoffs, is probably testing his patience."-Yep. He could always "retire" and head over, right?

Ron MacLean apologizes after French-speaking referee comment - The Globe and Mail

I don't know...I love a good conspiracy theory, so I tend to believe these French-Canadian refs are homers.

Dan Carcillo scores and has hilarious stare down with Philadelphia fans | Post-to-Post

He thought it was funny until he was savagely beaten in the parking lot after the game. (Editor's Note: That didn't happen)

Man Swoops In To Try And Take Max Pacioretty's Hockey Stick From Kid-Deadspin

We get a few of these incidents every year, but they're usually of the "guy pushes kid out of the way to catch a foul ball" variety. Way to step up, Hockey Fan!

What Your Stadium Food Choice Says About You - SportsPickle

Oooh! I like that last one!