Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Nashville Remembers

It’s been two years since the Nashville Predators fell to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Final.

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Two years ago today: The Pens win their fifth Stanley Cup in Nashville | PensBurgh
One of the darkest days in Nashville hockey history.

That’s probably a bit dramatic but I’ll never forget the sheer disappointment and heartbreak over having to watch the Penguins lift the Cup in Bridgestone.

Tell Pittsburgh, Nashville remembers.

Sissons. Scored.

2019 NHL Draft Rankings: No. 93 to 63 | On the Forecheck
Eric has all your draft coverage...uh covered.

NHL Rumors: Latest Buzz on Matt Duchene, 2019 NHL Draft and More | Bleacher Report
Arizona “aggressively” pursuing Duchene is almost worse than Columbus considering giving him an eight-year contract. Look at the teams he’s played for in a short amount of time, you really think he’s going to hit free agency and sign with Arizona? They’d have to name the team after him.

Don’t get me wrong, money and good contracts talk, but Duchene doesn’t strike me as the type who’s going to jump at the first team that throws everything he wants at him. Honestly I don’t see him being happy until he ends up where he wants to be.

Chicago Blackhawks 2019: Brandon Saad, lineup, analysis, stats, outlook | Second City Hockey
I still think Chicago will always regret not finding a way to keep Artemi Panarin around. Bringing Saad back was less of a blow, but he hasn’t been the fix Chicago needed. Why a line with Saad, Jonathan Toews, and Patrick Kane doesn’t seem to work is beyond me. Maybe make them go to summer camp and do trust falls till they figure it out?

Chara focused on winning Cup Final with Bruins, not setting Game 7 record | NHL
Life is short Chara, why not do both? You’ve already got a broken face just go out there and do the damn thing.


Seriously, I don’t want to live in a world where St. Louis wins a Cup before Nashville.

You’re my only hope, Chara.

Stanley Cup Final Game 7 Bruins vs. Blues: How to watch, stream, time, TV schedule | CBS Sports
Everything you need to know before Game 7 tomorrow.

Or if you’re like me, you’ll just be waiting until it’s over to read about it on Twitter.

NHL’s Bruins-Blues Game 7 Hype Video Will Have You Counting Seconds Until Puck Drop | NESN

That’s it? The NHL has really stepped their game up the past few seasons with hype videos, intros, and even regular season commercials, and this falls flat for me. Maybe it’s because I have no dog in this fight, but I expected to at least see something that would make me want to watch the game. I usually enjoy the simple, ominous, eerily quiet “it all comes down to this” vibe, but this wasn’t it.

Blues won’t be overwhelmed by moment of Game 7 in Cup Final | NHL
Good, because nobody else will be either.

You know what...I’m not even sorry, I said what I said.

2019 Draft: Top 10 goalies | NHL
Andrei Vasilevskiy was the last goalie to be drafted in the top 20...he was drafted by Tampa Bay in 2012. It’s wild how goalies tend to fly under the radar for so long. Then one day they’re carrying their entire team on their backs night after night and they get the respect they deserve.

What makes someone want to be a goalie again?

Skinner believes future is bright with Sabres | NHL
I think Jeff Skinner’s future could be bright anywhere, but if he wants to ride or die with Buffalo, I can respect that. I don’t get it, but I respect the loyalty.

KC landing NBA or NHL teams considered long shot | KMBC News
“So many more people live down there now than lived there 12 years ago, when they built the arena, that I think it might be a little more feasible now,”

What I’m hearing is...Kansas City is ready to take the “It City” crown from Nashville and run with it?

I’ll hand deliver the crown to Kansas tomorrow, they just have to take the pedal taverns, scooters, endless construction, and bachelorette parties with it. And NO GIVE BACKS!!!

Jim and Pam from ‘The Office’ trade barbs before Game 6 of Stanley Cup Final | USA Today
No One:

Literally No One:

Me: Parks and Rec was better.