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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: No Scrubs

Hockey News & Rants

Nashville Predators 3, Toronto Maple Leafs 0: Preds Shut Out Leafs for the Second Time in 2019 | On The Forecheck
There can’t be a better feeling than scoring your first goal for a new team on home ice. The Wayne Train finally gets the hometown love.

Watch the 2020 NHL Winter Classic Press Conference Live on FOX Sports Southwest | FoxSports
You can catch the entire press conference live this afternoon, and get all the details on the upcoming Winter Classic.

Predators: Austin Watson reinstated by NHL from suspension, now what? | The Tennessean
I think the Predators organization is handling this the best way by continuing to focus on his personal recovery and not on his hockey game.

The most, least impressive NHL trade deadline acquisitions
Honestly we’ve gotten more out of Brian Boyle than was initially anticipated, which almost offsets the slow start Simmonds and Mikael Granlund have had. I think they’ll find their groove. Coming into Nashville at the end of the season can’t be an easy transition.

On the bright side, at least it’s not as bad as Columbus going all in and more than likely still missing the playoffs.

It can always be worse.

NHL Seattle gives us glimpse inside KeyArena renovation | MyNorthWest
Key Arena is supposed to hold 17,400 people for a hockey game? Where? It looks so tiny.

Steve Mayer, The NHL’s Man Behind The Music, Aims High For 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs | Forbes
1.) Give Nashville the proper credit they deserve without making it sound like one man decided to close down Broadway and put someone on the roof of Tootsie’s like it’s never been done before.

2.) I still need to know what this guy was thinking when he booked Kid Rock.

How NJ Devils are helping young players navigate the NHL lifestyle | North Jersey
Earlier this season: young players too distracted by Fortnite.

Currently: let us teach you the best ways to stay away from Fortnite.

Kings doomed by age, lack of offense | NHL
Anytime someone uses doomed seriously in a headline…you know you’re actually doomed.

Behind the scenes before an NHL game, players find their routine | NBC Washington
I would like to know what the running tally of arena damage caused by soccer ball incident is league wide.

Jets stifle Kings, increase lead in Central Division | NHL
In summary – Kings are still doomed.

The Central is doomed if they can’t keep the Jets from running amuck.

Six NHL storylines to keep an eye on as the regular season comes to a close | CBS Sports
Kings – Still doomed.

Blue Jackets – also possibly doomed.

Ovechkin, Backstrom earn shoutout in season premiere of ‘Billions’ | NHL
I’ve never watched Billions but I love a good hockey reference in pop culture more than I like most people.

Former Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville says he has ‘appetite’ to return to NHL | CBS Sports
The fact that Randy Carlyle was still the head coach of the Ducks until February, while Joel Quenneville has been out of a job since November, is one of the many mysteries of this season I still need answers for.

Making calls on the calls: A night inside the NHL’s Situation Room | The Score
“This room’s in a bubble. You’re insulated from that type of abuse and that type of problem. At the rink you can get influenced by the pressure of the crowd, the pressure of the general manager,”

I can’t imagine the level of focus and detail it takes to be in that room once, let alone multiple times a week.

The street hockey game that never ends | Boston Globe
Just a never ending loop of…