Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Rehashing

The one good thing about summer is that it allows for some analysis and insight.

The Hockey Canada Situation

Members of Canadian women's national teams join 'fight for the truth' in Hockey Canada investigation |
The women's national team members called on the organization to "ensure that all steps are taken and appropriate measures are put in place to ensure that this kind of behaviour is never again accepted and never repeated. Anything less would be a disservice to the common human decency we expect as a society and most certainly within the game of hockey, a sport that unites this country."

Sheldon Kennedy calls for Hockey Canada leadership to step down |
I honestly can't imagine how the people who oversaw this could expect to keep their jobs.

Other News

Analyzing the Tkachuk for Huberdeau/Weegar trade: Did Flames or Panthers win? |
It's surprisingly rare to see genuine ongoing debate over who won a trade--not just from fans of each team bragging about (or cursing) their GM's decision-making skills (or lack thereof), but from well-informed bystanders. By that standard this is probably one of the best, and certainly one of the most entertaining, trades of the last several years.

Newest Florida Panther Matthew Tkachuk: 'I hate Edmonton, but I hate Tampa more now' | ESPN
People across the continent have suddenly become Tampa Bay Lightning fans. Or maybe that's just me.

Breaking down the PHF’s salary disclosure policy | The Ice Garden
The new salary disclosure policy in the PHF should help players and their agents negotiate with a better understanding of the market.

San Jose Sharks name David Quinn as new head coach | ESPN
The coaching carousel takes another spin.

The NHL plays musical chairs with the, like, 35 guys allowed to be coaches } RMNB
It's kind of a whole thing.

Montreal makes an impact with first seven signings | The Ice Garden
The PHF's latest expansion team brings some of the CWHL’s Montreal Canadiennes back to the city, and adds exciting young talent, in free agency.

Blackhawks' Toews on future with team: 'I really don't know' |
I had the "area man disappointed to learn not every year can feature Stanley Cup win" bit all ready to go, but what Toews is actually talking about seems to be not so much the not-winning as a very isolating professional environment, where you bond with and mentor coworkers only to have them traded for draft picks. And yeah, that does sound frustrating.