Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Rex Kwon Do

I'm a bitter old curmudgeon, I guess. Last week I clowned the idea of Vanderbilt putting CHAINS HOLDING GIANT CARTOON ANCHORS ON THE BACK OF THEIR HELMETS (this really happened), and today I'm clowning the idea of our beloved hockey team wearing a gold helmet on Saturdays. It's time the

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Nashville Predators Launch "Golden Saturdays" During 2015-16 Season - Nashville Predators - News
Actual comment left on the post:

This is a bit silly. That's a quote from Ken Hitchcock from 4 years ago. Saturdays are golden already, helmet or not. The Preds have Shea Weber. They don't need stupid gimmicks.

Preach. It's enough that we smile and buy jerseys with piano keyboards on the back of the collar. Have some dignity, 501. Act like a contender.

Sports community plans to bounce back if A-Game closes |
But I will hand it to the Preds' brass... they're wise enough to know how much A-Game means to Franklin.

Cory Pronman: Ranking every NHL team by prospect strength | ESPN ($)
It's a pay link, but Pronman knows his stuff.

Around the League and Beyond

Coyotes’ biggest question: Is there a future in Glendale? | ProHockeyTalk
Maybe not Glendale, but there's an awesome city just to the southeast of Glendale. And they're not bankrupt.

Crawford: Auston Matthews 'a special player' -
Marc Crawford has seen some special players during his time.

Rangers sign Jarret Stoll (aka Erin Andrews’ BF) after coke case | New York Post
OH MAN... You folks are going to love this. It's like the "Predators Sign Carrie Underwood's Husband" article meets a David Poile press conference.

Are these the jerseys for the Red Wings/Avalanche Stadium Series game? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
If so... yuck.

Brian Engblom named new color analyst for Tampa Bay Lightning broadcasts | FOX Sports
This is a page out of the Dallas Stars' playbook. Even though they play in an awesome, accessible arena (if you work in Dallas or don't mind taking the train or boiling in your car on the way to the rink), they've always aimed high with their TV product. The Bolts are in a similar situation, except they sell tickets.

Panthers TV reporter Billy Lindsay fired by FOX-Sports Florida - Sun Sentinel
Thankfully, Goldstein is still there. He's one of the best. But again... another team is looking to improve their TV product.

San Jose Sharks: Jones, Martin Contracts Potential Cause For Concern - Blades of Teal

LOOK: Johan Franzen trolls Red Wings teammate with Babcock 'bedsheets' -
Masterful trolling.

Not Hockey

Vandy reveals $10M baseball facility upgrade plan | Nashville Post
Modest price for a top-tier program.

MMBM: The Hall of Fame is a fiat system that is unsustainable for our nation's future -
Word, man.

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