Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Say Goodbye to the 2013-14 NHL Season

This is probably the end of the line, you guys. Could the Rangers win tonight? Sure, but I don't have a ton of confidence in that happening after what I've seen so far. The Kings have The Heart of a Champion, Want It More, etc. and the Rangers don't have these things. Or something. Join

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Hockey’s history of 0-3 comebacks should give Rangers hope | New York Post

Oh yeah. Happens all the time.

The Kings have been lucky and good this postseason. - Jewels From The Crown

A dangerous combination.

Mirtle: Do the LA Kings have the makings of a dynasty? - The Globe and Mail

The makings, yes. But they're not there yet.

Ticket prices have plummeted for Game 4 at MSG | ProHockeyTalk

Slightly below face value in some cases! (Face value for 400-level tickets is just shy of $500)

ANTHONY WEINER: 5 Things About The Stanley Cup That Everyone Is Getting Wrong - Business Insider

Carlos Danger is back and active on the internet! For those who enjoy humor, this can only be a good thing.

NHL's stance on expanded video review has some holes - Sporting News

If we can get a coach's challenge, I'll be happy.

Wayne Gretzky stands up for Sidney Crosby | CBC Sports

Wayne vouches for him? That's all I need to know.

Joe Thornton would accept a trade if "the fans didn’t want him in San Jose" | Post-to-Post

Are they gonna take a vote or something?

Will Dan Bylsma become next Florida Panthers head coach? | Puck Daddy

Well, that's a slightly different situation than the one he just left, isn't it?

Former Predator walks away with George Strait’s hat at concert - WKRN

Nice catch!