Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: September

We’ve made it through the longest off-season on record, can we make it a few more weeks?

Hockey News & Rants

2019 Nashville Predators Prospect Rankings: The Goalies | On the Forecheck
Eric is still rolling through the prospect ranking, and he’s got the pecking order for the goalies broken down just for you.

Yes, you.

2018-2019 Nashville Predators Player Reviews: Calle Järnkrok | On the Forecheck
It’s been a rough go of things for Jarnkrok. He hasn’t been able to find where he fits in and Preds fans will never let him forget that David Poile protected him over noted goal-scorer James Neal. That’s not exactly the best headspace to be playing hockey in.

Here’s hoping this is Jarny’s year!

How the Canadian Women’s Hockey League fell apart |
It’s been a very bad summer for women’s hockey. What went wrong, and where do they go from here?

Women’s hockey’s wildest summer ever, explained |
Again, it’s been a very bad summer for women’s hockey. However, out of the flames comes unity. It’s good to see rivalries being put aside for the greater good of the sport.

Hurricanes’ Williams stepping away from NHL | ESPN
This is a bit bizarre. While Williams isn’t exactly retiring, he’s not exactly signing an extension with the Hurricanes either. Regardless, the Canes are preparing for him not to return.

These Bruins Stars Crack List Of NHL’s Top-Selling Jerseys In 2018-19 |NESN
Brad Marchand makes this list solely based on the fact that he’s made himself a novelty. Or an anomaly, if you will.

Terrible to play against, great for selling jerseys.

Red Wings’ Niklas Kronwall retires after 15 NHL seasons | NBC Sports
And another one...retires!

Honestly, I think it’s pretty cool to retire with the only team you’ve ever played for, the team that drafted you. That’s pretty special.

Young chasing dream of becoming NHL official | NHL
In case you’ve ever wondered what makes someone want to become an NHL referee.

Gusev trade was ‘lucky’ for Devils, Brodeur says | NHL
I think the Devils got very lucky with trades this summer. Probably more than any other team. Now it’s time to see if it makes a difference.

Olczyk hired as Seattle NHL team’s assistant GM | ESPN
The more people Seattle hires, the more real this expansion gets. It’s all fun and games when we’re laughing about potential team names. It’s not so fun when the looming doom of losing your favorite players starts closing in.

Blood, sweat, tears and cash: NHL’s Seattle arrival should raise interest in youth hockey — for those who can afford it | Seattle Times
What did they expect giving an expansion team to one of the most expensive cities in America?

There are plenty of ways youth hockey could work without breaking the bank, but has Seattle ever tried just being...not expensive?

Giant Food and Alex Ovechkin To Release Limited Edition Ovi O’s Cereal | NHL
I never knew I needed or wanted this in my life.