Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Stay Frosty

The Peg has many nicknames including “Chicago of the North”. This round should be a hoot, eh?

“Chicago of the North”. No really. Wikipedia says so.

It’s that lull between the end of round one and the beginning of round two where we have to fend off bad click-bait articles with a stick.

Winnipeg’s media has decided to dredge up articles from years ago about how Nashville tries to keep opposing fans teams from buying tickets...

Bless their hearts! The nickname really is fitting.

Nashville fans living in Nashville can’t even get tickets to see Nashville play in Nashville. We covered this last year. It’s not opposing fans, it’s Nashville’s fans, literally.

There isn’t a general public on-sale option because there are no tickets to sell, end of story. My article: Headline Consuming Jets’ Fans Angry Nashville Won’t Sell Them Playoff Tickets That Don’t Exist.

Playoff Hockey News & Rants

Predators vs Jets: Nashville, Winnipeg playoffs will be must-see TV | The Tennessean
Well it won’t be because of the Blackhawks’ recycled media gripes that’s for sure!

I hope this reminder that Pekka Rinne once gave Andrew Copp a noogie during a game gives you life today.

Predators vs Jets schedule: Nashville, Winnipeg start Friday | The Tennessean
Just when we thought the second round had ben cancelled! Have no fear, the first games of the second round have been announced. As for everything after that...still TBD!

Round One Complete, Preds Turning Attention to Jets as Playoffs Continue | NHL
On to the next one! Time for the boys to get back to work and if I may suggest...

Round 1, Game 6 x 4 would be a great start.

Lured out of retirement, Preds’ Mike Fisher chasing first Cup | ProHockeyTalk
I’m a sucker for a storybook sports ending. I shed a tear when Jonathan Toews handed Kimmo Timonen the Cup in 2015 (I know I know we hate Chicago, but it’s Kimmo!) If Roman Josi hands Mike Fisher the Cup, I will ugly cry for days!


Predators vs. Jets Series Preview: Jets Goaltenders | On the Forecheck
It’s going to be a showdown between Vezina finalists at both ends of the ice. Nick breaks down what it’s going to take for the Preds to get past Connor Hellebuyck.

Predators vs. Jets Series Preview: Jets Defense | On the Forecheck
But before they can get to Hellebuyck, they’re going to have to get through the defense, and yeah, like Rachel said, these dudes are huge.

A one and a two ... so what if Winnipeg-Nashville is two rounds early? | The Star
Winnipeg has signs that say “Sorry, Eh!”

Can we have signs that say “Sorry, Y’all!” Or will someone just make me a sign that says “Sorry, Y’all!” in big obnoxious gold glitter letters!


Paul Stastny has 'no regrets' about uprooting family for shot at Cup with Jets | CBC Sports
I can’t see the name Paul Stastny and not see Paul Stanley.

Ice-hockey playing KISS cover bands anyone?

Why Suspensions Are On The Rise In The NHL Playoffs | Forbes
Suspensions are fine as long as they’re consistent.

That’s all we want in the NHL. Consistency.

Please hear our cries.

Bruins maintain calm heading to Game 7 against Maple Leafs | NHL
They’re going the distance...I completely forgot about this series when someone asked me about it the other day.

NHL - 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs - How the Capitals can beat the Penguins this time | ESPN
Dear Barry,

All Our Love,